Of a similarity to Koyu, Bleeds smell of blood instead of shadow. They are capable of throwing magic fueled by blood, and some have struck with quite powerful blows. They refresh their abilities by draining mortals of blood, and it is rumored that they can appear out of the blood from a bleeding wound.

Observed Abilities:
  • create their form from the bleeding/wounded
  • when wounded turn to a Liquid Mist that cannot be affected by normal weapons
  • Very strong and fast with sharp claws made of bone

"These creatures of blood do not seem to really die. When their form suffers enough disrupting damage, they become insubstantial and linger for a time and wait for bleeding wounds to appear. If one can find such a wound, it will suddenly form out of the air and begin to drain the flowing essence from the injured or fallen. -Gregor the Patron"

"There were creatures similar to this that were sometimes seen on the largest battlefields of the Great War...the soldiers called them Blood Wraiths. I do not recall seeing them, but I remember them being spoken of." -Khavar

Flame Scorpions

Flame scorpions are scorpions the size of horses. They breathe flame and have stingers that inject deadly venom into whomever is stung. Their chitinous shells are highly resilient and it often takes a single patrol of the Royal Guard to kill a single beast. - according to the legends of Ophira

Forest Drake

These drakes appear to be related to Storm Drakes but they are native to the woods surrounding Marath Suvla. They can spit acid and their hides are very tough. They often have a mother who is nesting a brood. They spit acid and travel in nesting groups.

Observed Abilities:
  • Spit Acid
  • long claws and sharp fangs
  • tough hides of scales
  • occasionally the sick will spread their infection

Frozen Dead

"In Oresund, the frozen dead rise and walk the land. They are unintelligent, shambling corpses that spread disease and destruction. Some of them also hurl damaging shards of ice. They are known to take substantial force to take down, though fire is a considerable help. The Tundra Guard, in each of its incarnations, has struggled ceaselessly against these horrors."

These creature are apparently not only in Oresund as we were attacked by quite a few of them recently. They do indeed throw shards of ice as weapons.

Observed Abilities
  • Retain the martial skills of their previous lives (we've encountered Shield Eaters, etc)
  • Throw Ice magic
  • Are proficient with weapons
  • Skin is toughened by Ice


These are stone constructs found in Petra's Hearth which appear to have been guardians of the town. They have abilities related to Dust and Earth, incredible strength, etc. They are always accompanied by the sound of chimes.
Also found in Tontura, no chimes. They guard the Life Forge that the Lingua’hiduis are made on.

Observed Abilities:
  • Very strong
  • Earth Pin
  • Earth Knockback


Creatures from Akathia who are rumored to gain memories after consuming the flesh of a human. Some attack with claws; those that have consumed memories often use weapons.

Ghuls can be recognized by the line of black skin across their faces, at eye level, and many have additional monstrous features such as pointed ears or horns. Ghuls first threatened Akathia in 1175 RE, when a teeming horde of ghuls came out of the Wastelands of Khodar-i-Gesh and began a seven-year campaign of conquest. At first, they were wild and undisciplined, driven entirely by the urge to feed. As the war dragged on and the Sultan’s forces fell back, the ghuls became an organized military force, and the Sultanate’s doom was inevitable. With the Sultanate completely conquered, the ghuls have begun to threaten the Caliphate of Dusk. A group of border guards called the Demeyen Bishak are dedicated to fighting ghuls on the borders of Akathia.

Capable of creating Thralls which appear to be homunculi-esque ghuls. VERY tough, do not die, do not appear to be living, can be called back to life at the word of their leader. VERY STRONG.

Attacked enmasse April and made an allegiance with the mages who created the wickermen to take the Table and the Tablet. Defeated after their leader "Jonty" was killed.

-based on observations and research of Dane Calov

Kobolds/Imps/Minnaman/Afacan/ Darro

Black skinned beings found in remote mines of precious ores. Their skin is black as night, their arms end in pick-like points and a white light glows from their chest where their heart should be. Legend says that they can dissolve iron devices and weapons, and that the smoke which results from this is noxious and foul to the lungs. They are very tough and difficult to kill and can walk through stone ground and walls as if they were air. They can throw ore can cause it to explode upon touching skin, rendering the afflicted blind. They "mine" the bodies of the fallen for minerals they then rush off the battlefield. - according to the legends of Tarsikka

Mentioned by Kasmira Tarcavisse, in her text describing the ritual "Sign of the Bitter Blade," (and presumably also mentioned in chapter eight of her "Adventures." She says only that it was "a remarkable and corrosive creature, which had eaten all of my weapons." She also says it was not interested in eating her gold and gems.

Also called Afacan in Ophira, they were particularly susceptible to fire magic and alchemy - according to the legends of Ophira


Servants of the Lieutenant of the Most Foul known as Malady of Thought, their minds have been "ripped away." They have skeletal faces.

1214-066 These creatures were encountered during an expedition to Sharat-Gan (which may have been itself in a realm below). We were attacked by what seem to be mindtorn along with Jade Gargoyles. After several waves of these attacks we saw the Malady of Thought himself, but that, at least was revealed to be an illusion.


(Unclear whether this is a creature, a curse, or something else, but I will include it here until we know more)
Mentioned here:
" The other Tharici slashed the kneeling one's throat, and began to immediately start chanting and cutting the now dead body, letting the blood slowly out a bit at a time. Squire Azamon reported that the fallen body's spirit seemed to rise out of the corpse and began to become one with the one that was chanting and cutting the body, as well as occasionally stitching up portions of the body. As the squire fled the slaughter, the voice of the seemingly dead Tharici traitor wailed an unearthly wail that quickly turned into laughter, joined by the one that had mutilated his corpse. The more experienced Swordsmen shouted the word "Nesatio", and turned to this new threat. This was the last that squire Azamon saw of them."

For the purposes of this discussion, let's assume it is a ritual that CREATES a creature. Said creature being the human form followed by the spirit shackled to it. That it is somehow two beings in one. This is a nasty bit of Tharici lore, which no Tharici appears willing to speak of.

There is currently at least one Nesatio known to exist in the world and it has been seen recently in Northern Tarsikka, specifically within Tumul County on the lands vassal to Lord Gregori Barov.

This creature is recognized by its double appearance (to those who can see spirits), It appears as a man closely followed by a spirit. To current knowledge IT CANNOT BE KILLED unless its mortal shell and spirit shell are simultaneously slain.

More information on current activities to be found here:

Abilities: UNKNOWN - but it is assumed it received dark powers of some sort as a result of the blood sacrifice of an entire caravan

- that written in blue is the gathered knowledge of the Barovs, transcribed by Dane Calov

The name, as a point of trivia, means 'Insatiable'. --Khavar


Humans or creatures of Druman myth who worshiped a snake entity associated with the Goddess Pjorn. Somehow associated with the Mazhani. Previously lived in caves along the coasts, but now appear to have moved far inland to Mt Drom on the Gaunt/Oresund border.

  • some sort of blood/fluid magic
  • ability to spread disease


Fluid/Water based Trolls. Have abilities based on poison. Just as deadly as trolls encountered in Marath Suvla.

Unclear what this creature is, but it has been seen in the Principalities east of the Hulder and came out of a lake there. Worked with Shades in attacking a noblewoman and her family. Retreated when called away by a harsh female voice. The source of this voice is unknown. These creatures were called "scags" by mercenaries of the Ivory Sun who fought them along with 3 of the Descended Celestial Host on the Day of Descent.

Upon reaching the vessel, the group fell under a surprise attack by a small group of trolls that call the water home. These trolls, often referred to as scags by the various soldiers and mercenaries in this region of the Principalities, attacked the group savagely. The squire tossed his sword to the ground after it became engulfed in strange magic that energized it violently, causing continual pain to the arm holding it. He then grabbed a barnacled tent pole and barely managed to impale a vicious troll as it bore down upon him. Instead of dying, it seemed to turn into liquid and flow back into the waters whence it came.

-Last entry found at by Dane Calov


Foot soldiers of those wielding malicious Shadow magic. Seen the first night in Marath Suvla under the control of a Shadow Sorceress who attempted to use the bodies of the fallen in a spell. They appear as solid shadows with long claws. In Tarsikka they sometimes have glowing eyes. They are often controlled by Werewolves or Shadow casters. They are easily destroyed by silver weapons. Tarsikkan superstitions say that they cannot cross a line of mint.

Observed Abilities:
  • Can create long claws of shadow
  • Throw Shadow Magic
  • blend into Shadows and walk unseen

-Based on knowledge and first person interaction by Dane Calov

"In Ophira, we called these creatures Koyu. That seems to be the Akathian name as well. It was said that those with glowing eyes were more intelligent. Red or green eyes were the more common colors; blue and white were more rare. Some of them are able to reach through armor to wound the flesh beneath. --Khavar"

//They are very vulnerable to Silver and Light. They are very tough. I observed one that was rooted to the ground, and it took almost a dozen thrown weapons to dissipate it's form. They occasionally are more resistant to Silver and Light, which seemed to be because of the proximity of the Amethyst mace known as 'Shadecaller'. Should they demonstrate a resistance to these traditional banes, be sure to alert others that 'Shadecaller[1] ' may be in the vicinity. -- Stefan of Tarsikka


The cabals that served the Shadow employed these most often when attacking the Caliphate. The bodies beneath the sand would rise to their beck and call and strike out against the citizens of Ophira. The skeletons were difficult to slay and struck hard against those they fought. It was said the Shadow magic that raised them gave them unnatural strength. - according to the legends of Ophira

Shadow Wolves

Encountered first day in Marath Suvla. They are stronger and faster than normal wolves and can be distinguished by black faces and fur. They control wolf packs. They are under the influence of Werewolves and have been granted near-human intelligence and cunning by this connection. They serve as scouts and lead raiding parties for Werewolves.

Observed abilities:
  • Ability to resist communion with animals
  • Ability to wield Shadow to injure (Shadow Dart, Shadow Arrow)
  • Act as pack alpha for packs of natural wolves

-Based on knowledge and first person interaction by Dane Calov

"Shadow-touched animals were seen during the Great War...not just wolves, but other beasts as well. They were unnaturally intelligent, and too common to have all been linked to werewolves. That connection may have developed later?" --Khavar

In recent events other creatures touched by shadow have been mentioned, specifically Werebears (half bear half Troll) during the Slaughter of the Tin Swan Caravan. It stands to reason that the process of becoming a werewolf, if it is not bred, is a Shadow/Flesh Magic long lost to humans but retained by the allies of the ENEMY. - Dane Calov

Shura and Spiders

There is an Ophiran story about a creature created during an attempt to separate a Spider Cultist from his magic. When the magic - and perhaps spirit - were pulled from the man, his body took on a hard shell, his features became elongated and spider-like (with four leg-like limbs around his face), and he exuded a corrosive, shadowy steam. He leapt over the wall of the fortress and escaped. The fate magic extracted from the cultist became a fluid ooze with oracular powers, which would whisper answers to questions. It escaped imprisonment but was later encountered by the Molten Sheik in the desert and gave him counsel against the Most Foul. In stories, it is called the Shura, and may give advice to travelers, but still bears a grudge against Caliph Devimsi, who was responsible for its creation. - According to the legends of Ophira

The whole legend can be found here under The Shura - Dane Calov

Storm Drake

Storm based abilities, throw lightening and are VERY TOUGH. Have long claws harvestable by homunculi. Also have lightening sacks that are harvestable.

Large territorial lizards. Spit lightning. Usually a mother and her brood, so expect many small ones.
Kasmira Tarcavisse also mentioned "Caves of the Mountain Drake."

Tempest Wolves

Very VERY tough, able to reduce wounds. Aligned with storm and fire, crackling energy covers their fur and they appear to be on fire. Can smell humans coming, so best to be hunted by the Returned.

Possibly related to the Hounds of the Maelstrom controlled by Havrost??

-encountered by Arik, transcribed by Dane Calov


Marath Suvla is located in Troll Country. Trolls are intelligent and wield their own magic known as "blood magic." They are capable of speech, are fierce and tough warriors and have demonstrated tactics. According to Skatter Spark and several Celestials, Trolls were created by the Most Foul to be Its creatures. However, they were created "flawed" and thus have the gift of Choice.

During the Great War, trolls referred to themselves as the "Hal'Mor'Thrang", the 'maws that breathe the words of blood'. Their magic partakes of the Forms.

Troll magic also uses blood magic, which they can magically change into Marrashi blood (or at least the Viloharn Tribe can).

I encountered a lone troll late Friday night who was able to inflict a deadly poison on me from afar. The poison instantly rendered me almost paralyzed and I am certain it would have taken my life within the hour if not for intervention of the Physicker, August. The troll approached me in my pitiful state and began to bleed my arm. I believe it was attempting to store my blood, though I do not know for what purpose. I believe the troll achieved this through the "blood magic" they are said to wield. Apart from poison, others have been diseased or wounded by, I believe, this same magic. - from the first hand experience of Ronin don Mazhan

There appear to be many tribes in the vicinity of Marath Suvla.

  • Vilohurn - In the caves directly below the town is a tribe that calls themselves the Viloharn Tribe. Their elder's name is Skatter Spark and he knows how to use inscription magic. They are capable of wielding Aether and Dust. They are not aggressive. They asked our aid in protecting engraved pillars from Wicker Men (1211-11, Battle of the Pillars). They have pale skin (almost white) marked by ritual scars.
  • Silt Blood - There is another large tribe named the Silt Blood Tribe led by the Armored Mountain somewhere nearby, they have expressed a desire to parley and are not immediately aggressive. They tend to have darker skin than most Trolls (color?).
  • Charnal Pit - a green-skinned tribe wearing red found commonly near Marath Suvla and responsible for attacks on explorers in the ruins.
  • Mar-Tal-Hro - a hostile tribe known to menace human settlements in Northern Gaunt. They were the agressors in a famous incident at the settlement of Ergsund. (1208 - The Miracle of Ersgund Pyre)
  • Krujef'Dee - Their territory is in Troll Country near Oresund. They favor the magic of Earth and Blood and are known to command the Frozen Dead.
  • Scags - Trolls native to the Principalities who are asssociated with water and demonstrate many Fluid related abilities.

?? - another tribe in the far North. They are associated with the Citadel of Congealed Shades, often called the Frozen Castle. They offered truce to the Tundra Guard.


Werebears are trolls Marked by the Amethyst Queen. They are exceedingly formidable opponents. The strongest of these appears to be the one named Blackwind.


Encountered in Marath Suvla near the tombs. Fled the first encounter. Appears to be a tall humanoid with a raven/crow like head, black feathers and a long black beak

Wereravens are humans who are being Marked by the Amethyst Queen and who have accepted the powers of that Mark. Like all were-creatures, they can assume their non-were form after consuming the flesh of their kind (human in this case.)

When Dorrin confronted his Mark in the Spirit World, the main fight was with a Wereraven that greatly Weakened those fighting it, but was eventually struck down,

  • Magic Flesh Haste - VERY FAST
  • can transform into ravens - annoying
  • can call Weaken
  • Can consume the flesh of humans to transform into humans themselves
  • Can use Flesh Magic to injure, arrow, dart, lance

-encountered and witnessed by Dane Calov


Not yet encountered in Marath Suvla, but shadow wolves have been seen and tracks from a werewolf found in the area. Werewolves are one of the most dangerous servants of Shadow. They are dangerous because they are intelligent. They are just as smart and cunning as humans and use this to great efficacy. A werewolf has 3 forms: wolf, human, natural form. Their natural form is a gigantic combination of the worst and best aspect of human and wolf. While silver does not necessarily wound them it enrages them. They forget their cunning and become ravening beasts, bent soley on destruction. One werewolf can slaughter a village easily. A pack of werewolves can make the slaughter last for weeks. Also, they can summon and controll natural wolves and Shades, so when you face a werewolf you are rarely facing them alone.

A werewolf was encountered in Petra's Hearth which killed the Silver Swordsman leading the expedition. The Silver Swordsman was Liquefied and when Resurrection was attempted, it was discovered his spirit had been Rent and Shattered and he was unable to be found in the World of Spirits.

Observed abilities:
  • Long rending claws that can inflict sickness and disease
  • Noxious fumes from their mouths and bites
  • Howls that induce fear
  • Ability to influence wolves, grant them intelligence and use them as spies
  • Shapeshifting (wolf, man, true form)
  • Can Liquify a person with their breath
  • Strike Lethally with their claws
  • Can regenerate even if mortally wounded

  • Mint - when touched they are forced to revert to their natural form, also eating it renders them violently ill
  • Silver - when struck with it they temporarily become enraged and lose their human cunning
  • Light - thought to be vulnerable to Light attacks

- Based on the knowledge of Silver Swordsmen and tracking, Dane Calov


These strange creatures appear to be similar in origin to Homunculi. They are created from human bodies and have sticks, twigs, earth and brambles added into their make up. They are tough and travel at the will of the one who created them. They are an ancient magic from Oresund from the time before the Pentaverate when the wizard Isto tried to replicate Tarsikkan homunculi without the correct spells.

Observed abilities:
  • Earth magic
  • Ice magic
  • Capable of crushing armor and bone with weaponry
  • When caught on fire enter a frenzy as they die

-based on observations, research and combat by Dane Calov

They attacked Marath Suvla shortly before midnight on the 4th of November, 1211. They were attempting to destroy the inscription pillars that the Viloharn tribe claimed belonged to them. According to Skatter Spark, these Wickermen were led by a servant of the Most Foul known as the Spirit Slave. Such a creature, to our knowledge, did not appear at the battle.


Men and women who rise from the grave with pig-like features, desiccated flesh and long gaping maws. They eat the flesh of the dead and are often found near graveyards or after a battle roaming amongst the freshly fallen. They have been known to attack with long claws or sharp teeth, being bitten by a Zehre has never transformed the bitten. Legends say that a Zehre can Mark a dwelling and drain the life of those who live inside. Also, that they can hurl their shadow forth from their bodies to inflict damage. - according to Tarsikkan legend

Other legends claim that the Zehre are the children produced by one mortal parent and one Fallen celestial.

VERY TOUGH!!! Encountered at tombs near Marath Suvla, white faced with pig like features and giant maws. Was attacked by three warriors and took much time to kill.

Tracks look rambling and veer off in random directions.

Observed Abilities:
  • Screams make one Weakened
  • Long rending Claws
  • Unknown if they can use magic, but I would assume yes

-encountered by Dane Calov and Barov patrol

I have also seen this spelled as "Zhere" - Ilyana
  1. ^ Martel also called this item "Shadecall," "Shadow's Call," "Dark Herald," "-Swiftdeath"
    see Lenga Hiduis