Modern Era

  • February: The Sack of Khaldun -- A vast horde of ghuls invaded and sacked the city and library of Khaldun in early 1215. The library was saved by Colonists from Marath Suvla, and the sudden arrival of the Caliphate Army prevented the complete destruction of the city, though not without cost.
  • 9-25: The Matriarch and the Anti-Matriarch: Civil War in the Principalities -- Matriarch Donia I is inducted in Luzerne City, and Anti-Matriarch Milena II appears in Eastern Trempa, rending it into rebellion.
  • 8-23: In Marath Suvla, the Durhilis Mor called the Spirit-Slave (having been held captive for some time) is successfully executed.
  • 8-22: News reaches Marath Suvla of the ascension of a new Matriarch of the Redwood Throne, Matriarch Donia II.
  • August: Ghul Siege on Khaldun -- A concentrated attack of ghuls on the city of Khaldun is thwarted with the aid of Marrashi forces, the Demeyen Bishak, and Colonists from Marath Suvla.
  • 6-21: Further efforts in Linna Piiritys result in the idol of the Frozen Castle being transported to the realm of Tontura, where it is destroyed.
  • 4-04: Battle Against the Frozen Castle in Linna Piiritys, Oresund
  • February: Guild Celebration in Marath Suvla
  • January: Patriarch Balduin III of the Redwood Throne is assassinated.
  • 11-09: Third Revelation of the Redwood Throne
  • September:
    • Making use of the Needle of the New Moon, the people of Marath Suvla reunite the Orumcek and the Shura.
    • A massed assault by wicker men, ghuls, shades, and a werewolf is repelled at the Khedive's compound. Spirit-Slave remains in custody.
    • Cinnabar Key returned to the custody of the Falar of Marath Suvla
  • 8-30: The Smiths, in Ashes -- An assault by Shahnaz leaves the Guildhall of the Imperial Smiths in the Hulder in flames.
  • August:
    • Townsfolk from Marath Suvla are present in Oresund for a confrontation between Spirit-Slave and the Smith, resulting in Spirit-Slave (Ylipo Varas) being captured and brought back to Marath Suvla.
    • The Spirit Court celebrates Wolf's Night and annual re-naming of Falar.
    • A group from Marath Suvla raids and destroys a lab used by Livia (the "Blood Countess") to manufacture thralls.
  • 6-30: The Death of Lady Nimic-- The devastation of an Intuneric Patrol to Tiere-a-Tun.
  • 6-29: The people of Marath Suvla travel to Tontura by way of Martel's Table, in order to forge an item to rebind the Orumcek to the Shura. In the process, they discover the banished Tendril of Ruination, and avoid his following them back to the material world.
  • 6-11: The Council of Fridlevur -- A council between leaders of Gaunt and Oresund ends in confusion, death, and widespread memory loss, leading to increased tensions between the two nations.
  • 6-10: Oakfast at Tanalassa-- A joint festival between the Iron Moon and the Glass River Companies in Athral Isle is interrupted by monster attacks.
  • 3-23: The Orumcek, a vast and legendary spider, emerges near Marath Suvla. It is confronted by the colonists, who eventually manage to drive it back underground.
  • 2-16: The second annual Guild Meet occurs in Marath Suvla. Departing from prior precedent, no one dies. Charity events raise over 200 crowns for the healers of the town.
  • 11-30 and 12-1: The siege of Raven's Sleep is broken with the aid of colonists from Marath Suvla. While the town is under assault from substantial forces of Shadow, a sword once wielded by Vyrakotha dai Dessa, Paladin Queen of Mazhan, is recovered from the catacombs.
  • 11-1: Purge of Hemev-- Several Homunculi, rumored to be Krudrunis, are discovered and executed in a tiny hamlet in the Skattenmark.
  • 10-5 and 6: The Frozen Castle calls forth Frozen Dead and koyu from the graves of Marath Suvla to assault the town.
  • 9-22: Riots at New Aulesburg-- Riots break out in New Aulesburg, in Brezha, in response to the Edict of Tionna, and an altrication between a group including Celestials, and human mercenaries of the Lions of Brezha. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • 08-17 and 18: An Expedition from Marath Suvla, led by Sir Michael Carmitru of Tarsikka and a council of Guild representatives, lands on the shores of Petra's Hearth. They almost immediately come under attack by creatures in the darkness. During a fighting advance to the middle of the town, a Werewolf springs out of the shadows and kills Sir Michael Carmitru, who cannot be resurrected. The Expedition cleanses the Well in Petra's Hearthand returns control of the Stone Guardians to the Chancellor of Petra's Hearth. A Fallen is killed in the battle. Another Fallen is later encountered, but escapes.
  • 7-31: The Diet of Tionna-- The Redwood Throne holds a Diet in the town of Tionna to determine the Doctrinal implications of the Celestials and the Returned, as well as other matters; the Patriarch publishes the Edict of Tionna. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • June: The Guild Forces Retreat from Petra's Hearth-- A delegation sent to investigate the dissappearance of the Guild expedition is forced to retreat from Petra's Hearth, with heavy losses. (Skattenmark, Principalities, Tarsikka, Oresunders)
  • 05-8 through 10: Riel ar-Calen is rescued from a strange realm where he had been imprisoned (by a Fallen named Tarmashin, possibly?) and his body is rebuilt. There is a battle with the forces of a Fallen who was holding certain Humans prisoner, and somehow siphoning magical power from them. The Fallen escapes and is later tracked to Petra's Hearth.
  • 04-13 and 14: Ghuls attack Marath Suvla, led by a ghul named Jonti, and are eventually defeated. An attack on a ghul stronghold on the afternoon of the 14th ends with all the ghuls and thralls defeated and the humans they had been feeding on freed from torment, but at the cost of many casualties. Riel ar-Calen, a Celestial of the town, fell there and did not rise again. The ghul Jonti is slain during the evening by the Returned Heroes Ronin, Samuel and Jace Lowmijar, and a Celestial named Abyssera.
  • 3-24: Battle of Nezihe's River-- Major defeat for Caliphate forces in Troll Country. (Caliphate of Dusk)
  • March: Disappearance of the Guild Expedition to Petra's Hearth -- a ship of Guild forces disappears and washes up near Chamneburg. (Skattenmark, Principalities)
  • 2-22: The Battle of Fridlevur Bay-- The city of Fridlevur in Oresund comes under siege from an army of frozen dead. The combined force of the humans, celestials, and Returned halts them, though at a high cost. (Oresund)
  • January: The Taking of the //Helga's Curse//-- Sigmar captures a ship of rebels and forces them to fight to the death in exhibitions across Athral Isle. (Athral Isle)
  • 01-14: The annual Beerfest occurs, in Chamneburg. The day is festive, but marred by the poisoning of a visiting Brewer's Guild member.
  • 11-05:
    • The Inscription Pillars surface, for a time, in the field at Marath Suvla.
    • First annual Guildmeet of Marath Suvla.
  • 10-28: Expedition to the Shadow of the Hammer-- The Tundra Guard lead an expedition into Troll Country, and uncover an ancient library. (Oresund)
  • 10-20: The Battle of Koru Forest-- The Vekil of Orde Province, Sanay Arif, leads Caliphate forces and their allies against a number of Ghuls in Koru Forest, in the northern part of the Sultanate. (Caliphate of Dusk, Akathia)
  • 08-27: Martel's Table discovered in Marath Suvla.
  • 08-26:
    • The Second Descent: Celestial Host descends to the mortal world
    • The Hallowed Dead rise from the Grim Prison.
  • May: The Punishment of the Mountain Boar Sept-- The Mountain Boar Sept of House Risten is destroyed for breaking the Gauntish Amphictyony, in the course of a clan feud. (Gaunt)
  • The Battle of Sultan's Road-- The Demeyen Bishak, a group of Akathian Border guards, repel an incursion of Ghuls near Surmak, in the Caliphate of Dusk. (Caliphate of Dusk, Akathia)
  • Dr.Zannick Berger, a high-ranking member of the Physicker's Guild, is murdered with a Nemesis Weapon in the Hulder. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • Lord Soril's Hunt-- Lord Yasen Soril of Tarsikka hosts a Werewolf Hunt in County Torca, in which seven teams of hunters compete for a prize of silver. (Tarsikka)
  • The von Kruyer Duel decides a matter of honor in Luzerne City. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • The Jhalevi Collection, a huge assemblage of historical and ritual texts, is acquired by the library in Dunaldur in Oresund, amid contention. (International, Oresund)
  • The Winterlight Raid launched from Gaunt, rampages through the Margravate of Eisenmark before finally being stopped at the battle of Breckinholm. (Principalities and Gaunt)
  • The Tower of Winter Rebellion forces Athral Alchemists to flee to the Hulder. (Athral Isle, Principalities)
  • The Rosenfeld Priory in the Margravate of the Skattenmark is nearly destroyed by a fire, provoking an investigation by the Redwood Throne. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • The killer known as the Copper Serpent becomes active. (Tarsikka)
  • Marrashi warriors first invade the Emirate of Rahaal. (Akathia)
  • The Grand Dukes' War ends with the siege of Marronberg, destroying two ducal lines. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • The Grand Dukes' War begins with the invasion of Eastern Trempa by Trayal. (Principalities of Verdien)
  • Prince Auberic's Rebellion, also known as the Hulder Rising, ends in the capture of the last known Couraine heir. (Principalities, Athral Isle)
  • The first appearance of the Red Candle Caravan, in the village of Bura Meyar in the Emirate of Rahaal.
  • End of the Couraine dynasty on Athral Isle; Athral Isle is now under Gauntish rule.
  • Demeyen Bishak, (the Knives of the Border), are established as a Border Guard vs. Ghuls across the Caliphate and the Emirate.
  • Fall of Khodar-i-Gesh
  • The Siege of Arad-Targa
  • Ritualists expelled from the Imperial University.
  • The Silver Circlet of Tarsikka adds a fifth seat and becomes the Council of Silver.
  • Beginning of Gaunt's invasion of Athral Isle
  • Founding of Victor's Hall (The Agio's hall) in Athral Isle
  • Patriarch Harman IV of the Redwood Throne issues the first writ of bondage, permitting a ritualist to own a homunculus within the Principalities.
  • Founding of the Imperial University in Luzerne City
  • The beginning of the Ehrensgard Schism within the Redwood Throne
  • The Principalities of Verdien annex the Skattenmark from Tarsikka
  • Haragand steals the Codex of the Hand of Creation
  • Mid-900s are a time of plague in Brezha and Eastern Trempa
  • A large fleet of Gauntish ships invade Athral Isle. They were eventually defeated at the Battle of Malden Cliffs.
  • Atwin the Younger returns to Athral Isle to fight for the throne. Once again he loses, leading to his execution.
  • The War of Brothers ends in Tarsikka with the creation of the Silver Circlet. Tarsikka becomes an Oligarchy. The Silver Swordsmen tradition begins.
  • Athral Isle descends into civil war as Atwin the Younger fights Nirian for the throne. Atwin loses the war and is banished to the mainland.
  • The War of Brothers begins in Tarsikka.
  • Early Gauntish exploratory raids against Athral Isle. The Athral navy of King Theirian turns their fleet aside.
  • The Crawling War ends in Tarsikka.
  • The last king of Tarsikka dies.
  • The Crawling War begins. Tarsikka is invaded by 'people with black markings on their skin and strange ears, and men made of shadow'.
  • House Voluspa rises to power in Gaunt.
  • Collapse of Petra's Hearth
  • Founding of the Couraine dynasty in Athral Isle
  • End of the Hall of Seven Bones
  • Founding of the Hall of Seven Bones in Oresund
  • Missionaries from the Redwood Throne return to Gaunt and find it a settled nation.
  • Reinmund von Trayal crowned as the first Emperor of Verdien.
  • Verdien rebellion against Tarsikka begins in Trempa.
  • Emperor Havrid Targovishte I declares that Tharicia shall now be known as Tarsikka.
  • Longships from the west land on the shores of Gaunt.
  • Missionaries from the Redwood Throne enter Gaunt and find it uninhabited.

0 RE (2989 TE):
  • Official founding of the Redwood Throne Church
  • "Redwood Era" (RE) dating begins
2949 TE:
  • Revelation of the Redwood Throne at Marath Suvla
2127 TE:
  • The Red Sand war in the Caliphate results in the only legal removal of a Caliph by his advisors.
1883 TE:
  • The Dust War (known then as the Nobles War) in Akathia ends with the Tuzagi Contract, which splits the Caliphate, the Sultanate and the Emirate.
1821 TE:
  • Caliph Fadil is assassinated by Hayalet, beginning the Dust War in Akathia.
965 TE:
  • The Pentaverate depart Oresund, reportedly in the general direction of Marath Suvla.
213 TE:
  • The Wicker War ends, establishing the nation of Oresund under the rule of the Pentaverate.
199 TE:
  • The Wicker War begins in Druma

The Great War of Shadow

0 TE:
5193 LE:
  • The Most Foul is slain on the field of battle in Marath Suvla.
5188 LE:
  • The siege of Ton Isiq by the forces of Shadow that lasted a week and would have won if Javal ibn Magdi and his spear warriors of Ophira had not come to assist in the breaking of said siege.
  • September: Martel travels to Marath Suvla to complete his Great Work. The Great War is not over at this time.
5186 LE (Spring):
  • Rexyl Xyan of Ton Isiq writes to the daughter of Magus Cestasis that Jytharic, Master Rega, or Master Roland could be plotting to twist the nature of thrals. He feared for the city's safety.
5180 LE:
  • Believed by modern historians to be the end of the Great War of Shadow
5177 LE:
  • Siege of Bastion of Eagles in Ophira
5176 LE:
  • Battle of Death’s Embrace - Death of the Molten Sheik
5173 LE:
5165 LE:
  • Tariq takes the throne of Ophira as the Molten Sheik
  • The Ouroushav attacks Ton Isiq. The Mysterious Wizard-Hero appears to destroy it. The Hallowed Gardens of Ton Isiq are nearly destroyed in the battle.
5162 LE:
  • Caliph Devimsi Silkinti of Ophira slain by his son Tariq
5159 LE:
5156 LE:
  • The Copper Gauntlet is created in Ophira
5148 LE:
  • The First Descent of the Celestial Host
5147 LE:
5145 LE:
  • Great Drought begins in Ophira, ushering in Era of Dust
5143 LE:
  • The Great War of Shadow Begins in earnest
5134 LE:
  • Caliph Devimsi Silkinti named as Caliph of Ophira
5130 LE:
  • Believed by modern historians to be the start of the Great War of Shadow
5013 LE:
  • Cestatis of The Mask of Silence succeeds his father, Anaxares, to become the Magus of Ton Isiq.
5011 LE:

The First Age

5000 LE:
  • Eastern Beacon built by the Tharician Empire
4799 LE:
  • Anaxares of the Yellow fang cabal succeeds Tibaea to the seat of Magus of Ton Isiq.
4708 LE:
  • The Coveted Scroll Cabal's mission to secretly link gates between Ton Isiq and Sharat Gan fails, with terrible monsters pouring forth into the city of Sharat Gan.
4637 LE:
  • Library of Halidon Idana was built in Ton Isiq.
4613 LE:
  • The title of Magus of Ton Isiq is passed to Tibaea of the Prince in Mirrors cabal.
4508 LE:
  • Seer’s War Ends
4505 LE:
  • Seer's war: The Battle of Ters Taraf
4502 LE:
  • Seer’s War begins between Ophira and Ton Isiq
4499: LE:
  • Doro, of The Silver Eye of the Sphinx cabal, succeeds Sychriros as Magus of Ton Isiq.
4497 LE:
  • “War of Affirmation” occurs, ending with a treaty between Ophira and Tharicia
4497 LE:
  • Hukuk Kaydirma created, Ophira formed
4433 LE:
  • Night of Secrets in Ton Isiq.
  • Sychriros and his cabal, The Seven-Ringed Hand, form the Grand Cabal of Ton Isiq.
3333 LE:
  • Formal founding of Ton Isiq upon ancient Firstborn-like ruins.
3233 LE:
  • Discovery of the ancient Firstborn-like ruins that later became Ton Isiq by Iliriya Gadrides Merkantos & Djeri Olmas.
0 LE:
  • The Tharacian Empire is founded, at the Stone of Tarkesh.
  • "Lithini Etos" (Years of the Stone) dating begins. Before this the Firstborn likely had their own calendar.


-70,620 LE (roughly):
  • The Celestial Host is created following the Fall of the Most Foul. ("About 80,000 years ago", according to Savarel)

Events For Which We Have No Date

  • Founding of the Firstborn Empire of the Oak.
  • The Descent of the Most Foul
  • The creation of the world
  • The Trajection / The Great Deceit: The scourge of the Tendril of Ruination, in Tarsikka.