Tarot of Dust
Traditional Cards Used for Games and Fortunetelling
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Many copies exist. Most popular in Oresund, Akathia, Hulder and among the Tharici
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The Tarot of Dust has five suits of eleven cards each: seven pips, a page, a knight, a queen, and a king. It is used primarily by Tharici, young scribes in the Hulder, and as a pleasant way to pass the time and tell fortunes in Oresund and Akathia.

The cards feature many historical and folkloric figures. It has been theorised that the constellations pictured on each card have a tie to ritual magic.

The Suit of Hours

The suit of Hours is associated with scholars, magic, and the occult. Oracularly it relates to knowledge and wisdom. Ritually it is aligned with the Realm of Fire. Alchemically it is aligned with the Form of Dust. It is associated with the sense of sight and the power of memory.
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King: Galuitar

The King is a man who has attained great wisdom, who is still capable of error.

A warning that no matter what you have attained, there is someone who is still your match. The inability to turn back, even once you have realized what is happening to you.

Queen: Aerinique

The Queen is a woman with a legitimate claim to power, who is denied it through trickery. A trick either has or will be played on you; offers of aid are likely to be traps. Turning back from certain doom, or a promise given under duress.

Knight: Unpitying One

The Knight is a Warrior who is willing to exploit weakness for gain.

A Warning to listen to people who say you’re going too far, lest you be put down, or do something you will forever regret.

Page: Omber

The Page is a Student involved in intense rivalry, with or without their own knowledge.

Compromise of the Self to attain some goal. Loyalty not to people, but to Work.

Ace: Puts a tragic cast on the situation. The point at which an outcome seems inevitable. Foreshadowing -- Fatedness -- Tragedy.

Two: There are only two ways to travel: forward and back. An opportunity for redemption or turning the situation around, if it is not missed. Reflection -- Renegot -- Second Chance.

Three: The desire for knowledge and greatness, perhaps without proper preparation. The temptation to act as an expert while still a beginner. Learning -- Apprenticeship -- Posturing.

Four: The inability to see what is in front of you, being misled, or misleading others, ignoring the signs of danger, or the warnings of the wise. Unwillingness to wait for the right time to act, but haring off without considering the consequences of one’s actions. Blindness -- Weakness -- Foolish Action.

Five: A wiser, more learned, and scholarly figure. There is good advice in the offing. Scholarship -- Study -- Dedication.

Six: A scholastic rival, an enemy who has more or greater knowledge than oneself, an evil wizard, that must be overcome. Hubris -- Inferiority -- Evil Magic.

Seven: The Beacons. Halls of learning and wisdom, one’s own will to change or shape the world; power and learning at the cost of personal suffering or loss. Wizardry -- Magical Mastery -- Attainment.

The Suit of Claws

The suit of Claws is associated with soldiers, war, and action. Oracularly it relates to change, brief or intense action, challenges. Ritually it is aligned with the Realm of Storm. Alchemically it is aligned with the Form of Flesh. It is associated with the sense of touch and the power of will.
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King: Na'krid the Talon

The King is a cunning and pacifistic Trickster, more interested in suborning/converting his enemies than destroying them.

Subterfuge in the service of good, the side-long, subtle approach, diplomatic solution.

Queen: Ev'emur the Hungering

The Queen is a passionate and unrepentant Warrior. Following one’s passions to the logical conclusion.

Fighting for its own sake, the glory and terror of war, direct, military solution.

Knight: Malruc Baluond

The Knight seeks redemption from a life of malfiesance. Repentance and redemption, someone who leads you into a higher calling.

A call to re-examine your life, and use your powers for good.

Page: Akaen

The Page is an honorable enemy. The faith that a given contest is fair; honor amongst thieves.The loyalty and respect one has for a noble adversary.

Surrounding cards should indicate whether this is mutual or not.

Ace: Puts a heroic, perhaps drastic cast on the situation. The point at which waiting and watching is no longer possible; one must act. Action -- Heroism -- Bravery.

Two: A dangerous, exciting road, forking with a peaceful, sunny road; but there’s eyes lurking in the shadows off the main way. A choice between heroic types-- the trickster or the warrior -- direct or subtle action. The ability to respond as needed to changes in a situation. Options -- Self-Image -- Responsiveness

Three: The object of a quest. a grail, honor and glory, a loved one, or some other personal goal or desire. Be aware of those things which might be used against you.

Prize -- Obsession -- Fixation.

Four: An almost literal gate, wall, or fortress, which must be breached in order to continue. Obstinate opinions, dragging of heels, violence for the sake of violence, without good cause. Being defeated before the battle so much as begins. ‘The Gauntlet’ -- Wrongheadedness -- Obstruction

Five: The person or persons for whom the Knight is the true Champion, be it King, Queen, favored, family, townspeople, or the like. Those who depend on the querent.

Representation -- Defense -- Loyalty

Six: The monster, villain, or evil which must be defeated. An obvious, outright enemy; problems you can see clearly. Danger -- Enemies -- Simple Solutions.

Seven: The Fortress. A victorious end to a war, a castle where there is feasting in glory and honor. Preparation for whatever threatens in the future. Fulfillment of obligations. Victory -- Release -- Knighthood

The Suit of Blood

The suit of Blood is associated with outsiders and criminals. Oracularly it relates to mystery, the unknown, loss, and death. Ritually it is aligned with the Realm of Shadow. Alchemically it is aligned with the Form of Fluid. It is associated with the sense of taste and the power of intuition.
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King: Lenduthrang

The King shows the querent the true meaning of atrocity, un-sanitized. An unsavory option which is terrible, but at least honest. Fighting one's way out of a nightmare. An uphill struggle, your odds are not good.


The Queen offers aid which is too good to be true. An unsavory option with looks like hope. Discovery of a secret which changes everything, or which compromises you. A slow and unwitting slide into evil.

Knight: Havrost

The Knight is your true Nemesis, opposite, or weird. The one who helps you see yourself as you truly are. Self-examination.

Page: Lilon

The page is a loyal Servant who attempts to remake herself in her master’s image. Loyalty carried to extremes. Blind and unquestioning service, emulation, flattery, hero-worship.

Ace: Puts a corrupt, tainted cast on the situation. The point at which things are going very badly, and There is Definitely Something Wrong. One must recognize illness before one can cure it. Taint -- Affliction -- Illness.

Two: A road which leads uphill to a gallows, or else down into a cesspool. The choice between the easy, corrupt road, and a harder road, fraught with danger, towards setting things right. Being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Deadlock -- Frustration -- Toil.

Three: Power, for it’s own sake. The joy of exploration and discovery. Actions divorced from long-term goals, undirected research. Prophetic Dreams -- Curiosity -- Enigmas.

Four: A maw of gnashing teeth, prepared to devour the querent. The death of hope. A loss of one’s ability to resist, or affect change, viewing the world through such a filter. Crime, especially when justified by everyone else being criminal. Corruption -- Despair -- Ruin.

Five: A distant or unheard guide or liege, the absence of others who can provide clarity or a helping hand. Having to go forth alone. Solutide -- Abandonment -- Perserverance.

Six: The querent is being pursued. Enemies at your heels, being surrounded, a thicket of briar, the Maelstrom nature itself turned against you. It is less possible to triumph against one’s enemies; you must focus on escaping them. Being Hounded -- Overwhelming Odds -- Retreat.

Seven: A Dark Castle. A dominion of perfect order. Bondage and slavery. Suppression of thought as well as action, forced abjuration. Tyranny -- Compliance -- Imprisonment.

The Suit of Hammers

The suit of Hammers is associated with craftsmen, explorers, and civilization. Oracularly it relates to creation, persistence, preservation, and wealth. Ritually it is aligned with the Realm of Ice. Alchemically it is aligned with the Form of Earth. It is associated with the sense of smell and the power of reason.
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King: Ar-Hedel the Maker

The King is also a smith and maker of armor, he is responsible for outfitting those around him. Actively gathering the support of others to accomplish a goal. Preparedness, being willing to be the one who supports and directs the action, rather than in the middle of the fray.

Queen: Ar-Mordiel the Maker

The Queen is a great Smith and maker of weapons; she must also take them up herself against evil. Speaking up without external support. Being the example, and not worrying about whether or not anyone follows.

Knight: Ar-Cudirel

The Knight is a Warrior who has sacrificed deeply for what is right. Allowing an enemy to gain the upper hand for a certain period, in order to gain a better position later. A Gambit, keeping one's eyes on the long game.

Page: Ar-Arutifel

The Page is a youth who suffers from weakness; whether he is an ally or an enemy depends on the Querent. The obligation of those who have followers or dependants to the people who depend on them. Take care with those who are less fortunate than you.

Ace: Puts an industrious cast on the situation, the point at which allegiances are formed, even among unlikely partners. Allegiance -- Aptitude -- Work.

Two: A long slow road, full of hard work. The choice to go it alone, or travel with companions. Friends -- Strong Will -- Steadfastness.

Three: Wealth, material gain, a tool necessary to continue work. A warning not to confuse the means to an end for the end themselves. Money -- Materials -- Magical Tools or Weapons.

Four: Not having enough of what you need to continue, whether that be materials, will, or manpower. Poverty -- Barreness -- Ennui.

Five: One’s companions, cohorts, or fellows in business or war. Those on whom the querent depends. A warning to be trustworthy, if one would like to have trustworthy fellows. Comradeship -- Support & Reliance -- Social Judgement.

Six: A thief or betrayer. A scoundrel who cannot be trusted, possibly hidden amongst one’s friends. Watch your back. Hidden Enemies -- Spite -- Duplicitousness.

Seven: The City. A great and stalwart edifice, built by many hands, and bringing them together. The achievement of a great work or project; building something enduring, that will last. Community -- Endurance -- Legacy.

The Suit of Stars

The suit of Stars is associated with nobility, rulers, and order. Oracularly it relates to laws, leadership, and decisions. Ritually it is aligned with the Realm of Light. Alchemically is it aligned with the Form of Aether. It is associated with the sense of hearing and the power of perception.
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King: The Blind King

The King serves his god directly, abandoning the mortal for the spiritual path. Becoming alienated from humanity through enlightenment. Seeking a noble, but perhaps solitary path. Some Tharici readers have added the following meaning for Celestials, the choice to remain in Heaven, or return and become a Teacher, as the previous Celestials did.

Queen: The Just Queen

The Just Queen-- The Queen accepts the responsibility of rulership, in service to her god. She is fair and wise. The choice to remain on earth and be a teacher; to relate to those who will hear you. Seeking a dangerous, dififcult, but wise path, at the cost of Communion with the divine. Some Tharici readers have added the following meaning for Celestials, after hearing their stories: the choice to Descend, or to remain on Earth after Descent.

Knight: Faldrefal

The Knight is a Dedicated Warrior who will use any means to accomplish his goal. Protection from ugly or uncomfortable truths, secrets which should be kept, compassionate dishonesty. Keeping silent on tempestuous matters.

Page: Tibrimen

The Page is a Loyal servant, who maintains his loyalty, whatever the cost. Loyalty to a cause, balance between imperfections and sins in leaders. Integrity through difficult choices. Be sure that faith is deserved.

Ace: Puts a cast of nobility and peace on the situation. This is the point at which trusting to the rule of law, and following the status quo is most advisable. The Querent should watch and wait. Trust -- Patience -- Establishment.

Two: Two straight, clear roads, but going in opposite directions. The choice between service to a great master, and service to humanity-- to lead, or to serve; to be a priest, or a ruler. Simplicity does not absolve you of responsibility. Duty -- Options -- Correctness.

Three: Divine inspiration, and the symbols of faith. A totem, if you will. It is an indication that one should look to the divine for guidance, and to listen carefully for the right words. Parables. Revelation -- Meditation -- Symbolism.

Four: Being unable to judge the correct and measured response to adversity, and so under-or-overreacting. Being unable to read oneself or others. Self-flagellation -- Prejudice -- Assumptions.

Five: A loved one, god, or hero of some kind, someone the querent believes in utterly, and would follow anywhere. Love -- unity -- sacred partnership.

Six: A charismatic adversary. The things you believe most dearly will be challenged. turmoil -- doubt -- A test of faith.

Seven: The Garden. A perfect harmony between things of heaven and things of earth, of thought and action. Certainty and security, a benevolent kingdom, charity. Right-action -- Decisiveness -- Harmony.

Major Arcana:

external image 0_thefool.jpgexternal image 1_theclaviger.jpgexternal image 2_theoracle.jpgexternal image 3_meadhbh.jpg
0 or 23 - The Fool: The Self - Beginnings - Flesh - Potential
1 - The Claviger: Energy - Conviction - Precision - Initiative
2 - The Oracle: Wisdom - Vision - Relationships - Serenity
3 - Meadhbh: Nature - Delight - Sexuality - Abundance
external image 4_nikolosstrazha.jpgexternal image 5_sagartniall.jpgexternal image 6_thefive.jpgexternal image 7_thecarver.jpg
4 -Nikolos Strazha: Tradition - Order - Command - Experience
5 - Sagart Niall: Duality - Power - Respect - Institution
6 - The Five: Affinity - Bonding - Romance - Heart
7 - The Carver: Willpower - Discipline - Pride - Honor
external image 8_redwoodthrone.jpgexternal image 9_thescreamer.jpgexternal image 10_fatesweb.jpgexternal image 11_themountain.jpg
8 - The Redwood Throne: Responsibility - Reason - Logic - Severity
9 - The Screamer: Introspection - Guidance - Distance - Understanding
10 - Fate's Web: Interpretation - Change - Surprise - Movement
11 - The Mountain: Kindness - Stability - Patience - Composure
external image 12_theheartofshadows.jpgexternal image 13_thegrimprison.jpgexternal image 14_thedeathwatcher.jpgexternal image 15_themostfoul.jpg
12 - The Heart of Shadow: Sacrifice - Suspension - Renunciation - Acceptance
13 - The Grim Prison: Loss - Transition - Conclusion - Regeneration
14 - The Death Watcher: Equilibrium - Unification - Temperance - Recovery
15 - The Most Foul: Dominion - Temptation - Anger - Vice
external image 16_theblackcastle.jpgexternal image 17_thesky.jpgexternal image 18_fallen.jpgexternal image 19_theprophet.jpg
16 - The Black Castle: Downfall - Ruin - Disruption
17 - The Sky: Renewal - Trust - Inspiration - Freedom
18 - Fallen: Illusion - Deception - Fear - Fantasy
19 - The Prophet: Truth - Pain - Duty - Penance
external image 20_thesun.jpgexternal image 21_host.jpgexternal image 22_theworld.jpg
20 - The Sun: Splendor - Enlightenment - Radiance - Fervor
21 - Host: Judgement - Absolution - Salvation - Forgiveness
22 - The World: Fulfillment - Wholeness - Success - Prosperity