A Ritualist's School founded in 700 RE. "Collapsed" in 734. The ruins of Petra's Hearth can be found on the coast of the Skattenmark (The region of the Principalities bordering Tarsikka), West of the city of Chamneburg, North of the Isle of Storm Drakes (see map)

Recent Events

1st Expedition - 1211?

(Disappeared, bodies found)
- Sent by Cartographer's Guild, not heard from in months
- All goods lost (incl two homunculi destroyed) almost 1000 gold in value

2nd Expedition - 3/1212

(Bodies found on ship, 13 missing)
- Ship sent to check on first. (info from journals)
- "found 1st expedition slaughtered and ruins empty" when second arrived
- met Tarsikkan expeditionary groups who arrived after 2nd
- strange sounds at night: moans, the sound of the wind speaking to them, and the sounds of grinding stone echoing eerily
- fought off shades, scags
- loaded dead onto the ship and left for Hulder (last journal entry)
- ship found by a Chamneburg fisherman. All on board dead.

- Scags attacked the investigators.
- 37 dead, 13 still missing
- Magical documents and artifacts on board. - all goods returned to Cartographer's Guild

Dead from the second expedition (found on ship):
- turned into stone
- magical remnants of Earth about the many holes in his flesh
- drowned, but no water in lungs
- claws of beasts rending their flesh (not werewolf or normal animal)
- injuries from mundane weapons

3rd Expedition - 6/1212

- Cartographer's Guild asked for help from Chamneburg, Tarsikka and Guilds, but Tarsikka refused Margrivine's terms
- Clan Nokkvi, The Unbroken Circlet, The Ebon Aspect, and reps of the Frozen Castle aided instead
- 100 Oresunders, 10 Ivory Sun, 50 Guildsmen (only 70 survived)
- Split into two groups , one by ship (the Monica Agia) and a land expedition - rejoined before entry
- Found the area empty and cleaned up (no signs of prev digging)
- Found huts decorated (strangely) and furnished
- Found rocks w/ strange symbols, could not be moved
- At nightfall, hovering lights at woodline led people to treasure (distraction)
- Attack by Shades commanded by Fallen Celestials
- "Loud Chimes Ringing" triggered "Large, Stony Beings" out of the ground and buildings & threw the rune-stones
- Once thrown, the rocks could be thrown back by those of strength, and damaged the Stone creatures
- Attack joined by Scags, Storm Drakes, Sea Witch
- Retreated, returned to Chamneburg & Hulder, and sought more help for next time

4th Expedition - planned for 8/1212

Hazards expected
Sea Witches
Storm Drakes
Large Clawed Stone Creatures
A party from Marath Suvla has tracked the Fallen that was encountered there on 6/9/1212 to the area around Petra's Hearth. It is believed she is still in the area. ~ Savarel

Treasures Reported by past explorers

Magical artifacts, "cultural" artifacts, First Age texts and antiquities

Sword and journal of Nali dai Saija (Wolf King companion) found

Endeiran artifacts


- Artifacts of Endeiras have been found in Petra's Hearth.

- In the text that accompanies the ritual Sigil of Winter's Grip, Alec Drafton, "Supposed Member of the Fuge" talks of "the pillaging and dissolution of Petra's Hearth," and of many things lost in that fall.

- The Truce-Era Ritualist Devorah the Watcher was associated with Petra's Hearth.