(Sketched as table appeared 11-1211. - Ilyana)

In a small building in Marath Suvla, midway between the Tavern and the two clusters of houses, is a magical device. This building was sealed until unlocked by completing a puzzle, the pieces of which had been found during expeditions into nearby barrows.

The device is circular, and consists of layers, each smaller than the one below it, forming three concentric terraces. The outermost is divided into 25 sections; 5 each of 5 colors, grouped at the time the device was found such that all segments of the same color were together. Each segment bears two symbols; one unique to that segment, and another shared with all other segments of the same color. The second tier consists of 15 segments; 3 each of 5 colors. There is no duplication of colors between the two layers. The pieces of the second tier likewise bear two symbols, one unique and one shared across the color, and were likewise arranged with all pieces of the same color together.

"The repeating symbol is the symbol of that realm or form. The second symbol represents a certain aspect of that realm or form. -Gregor the Patron"

In these diagrams, the symbol above the line is the repeated symbol for the category as a whole.

For the ongoing research on the meanings of the aspect symbols, see Glyphs of the Realms and Forms (Research).

"These sketches are upside apologies. --Khavar"

Outer Circle (Realms of Energy)


Inner Circle (Forms of Matter)


The Center

The third, innermost layer is black. A 'tree' of black wire rises up from it. When the device was discovered, there were six round black tokens hanging from the branches of this tree. Each token bore a symbol in gold ink. None of the symbols were repeated.

"There are five houses of Nether ("The Third Face" referenced below) magic. The sixth symbol is the ikon of Martel who had to bind himself to the device. The key is his symbol. -Gregor the Patron"


"Please disregard the white stripes drawn across these sigils. I am not willing to produce a true copy of what may be some power's personal glyph until I know whose they are. --Khavar"

Upon the some of the colored sections of the first two tiers were small figurines, similar to gaming pieces. They were each uniquely shaped.

"These items are the Ikons of wizards who have learned how to influence the device. -Gregor the Patron"

On the Circle of Realms:

  • (Ice - 1) A Black "Bottle" shape with silver markings on each side
  • (Ice - 3) Purple and Silver "jack" or caltrop
  • (Shadow - 4) Copper Pyramid
  • (Shadow -5) Brass Seashell
  • (Fire - 2) The head of an elephant
  • (Fire - 4) An Eyeball (not unlike the Alchemical material component)
  • (Light -1) A Spiraling Horn, square-based, in green, black, silver and white
  • (Light - 4) A Stone Obelisk, with markings on each of the four sides

On the Circle of Forms

  • (Fluid -1) A pumpkin with a cylindrical purple hat (I'm sure it's something else, but cannot think of a better way to describe it)
  • (Fluid -3) Standing Stones
  • (Aether - 1) Flat, Round Blue token with a red imprint shaped like a horse-shoe with spines
  • (Aether - 2) Green and Black Spiral
  • (Aether - 2) Snail with a gold body and a brown sh\
  • (Dust - 1) Stacked column of three colors (top down) Purple, Silver,
  • (Dust - 1) Silver Potato (again...)

There were fifteen in total.

Investigation revealed that the segments of the outermost circle each represent one aspect of a Realm of Energy ('The first face'), and the segments of the second tier each represent an aspect of a Form of Matter ('The second face'). The tree and the black layer represent 'The third face', ('that which can cut a thread of fate', 'that which is beneath'). Each of these quoted phrases was spoken by Remembrance. .

The device was made by 'the Builder', later named as Martel. According to Remembrance, the Builder also built the barrows in Marath Suvla, "4200 years ago, less one week. Roughly."

Secondary Puzzle

Secondary puzzle, much smaller, six black tiles with silver letters.