Marath Suvla
"Marath" is a corruption of the Tharician word "Maras," city or haven.
Also "City of Lost Shadows"
Location Type:
Troll Country
Under Caliphate of Dusk administration
Great War and Modern


Troll Country, NE of the Caliphate, N of Tarsikka, E of the Principalities of Verdien; not far from Verdien's border


Recent History:

In 1208 the Caliphate established a provincial governor, the Khedive, over their colony there. Back home, however, the Caliphate is under constant pressure from ghuls in the Sultanate, and cannot supply their colony with the soldiers and material that they desperately need to hold the ground against the trolls. In 1211, the Caliphate invited two other coalitions (the Redwood Throne and the Guilds of the Hulder) to join in the exploration and defense of legendary Marath Suvla.

Ancient History:

At the time of the Great War, Marath Suvla was part of the Tharacian Empire.

Legends of Marath Suvla

The Caliphate of Dusk believes that Tariq Silkinti, the Molten Sheik, met his glorious end here, though stories on how that might have happened have been confused in the millennia since.
Refugees from the Emirate of Rahaal claim that the Marrashi invaders ransacked their libraries and questioned their historians about the location of Marath Suvla as well.

The Tarsikkans believe that Marath Suvla was once within their borders. Their stories recall it as a necropolis.

Thirteen centuries ago, a group of wanderers from the Principalities of Verdien found Marath Suvla, and the Redwood Throne was revealed to them in all its majesty. They returned to Luzerne City with word of this miracle and laid the foundation for the Church.

The Gauntish are unique in that none of their legends speak of Marath Suvla whatsoever.

Oresunders believe that when their gods, the Pentaverate, departed, they went south and east, the direction of Marath Suvla. The few Oresunders who have spoken directly to a troll have heard the trolls speak of it as a holy place, giving rise to endless speculation among the scholars of Oresund.

Athrals have heard that their own countrymen, in ages long past, first learned the ways of the Displaced Hand in Marath Suvla from the dying remnant of those they call the Firstborn.

The Tharici have heard the stories of every nation. They say that all of them have some truth and none have all the truth. To them, Marath Suvla is the heart of their most secret magic.

Celestials believe that Marath Suvla was once a battlefield and became a great tomb. Marath Suvla is to be guarded against the forces of evil at all costs. In general, though, Celestials know little of Marath Suvla or other parts of the world, as they have spent the majority of their time over the eons of their existence battling the forces of evil that assail Heaven, rather than observing the world directly.

Any personal memories the Returned might have of Marath Suvla are now obscured and lost to them. Notably, the Returned do not remember how they died, but many of them will have no recollection of ever going to Marath Suvla, which was a Tharician city relatively distant from the heart of the Empire.


Political Notables:

(There are others who need to be added, but these are the names I had handy - Ilayana)

His Excellency Khedive Samar al Asmari - appointed by the Caliphate to govern Marath Suvla

Lord Gregor Barov of Tarsikka

Accuser Frida Solder of the Left Hand of the Redwood Throne - (highest-ranking local representative of the Redwood Throne)
Commander Mathis Harborg & Captain Eckholdt - Principalities military

Diederik Bosch of the Imperial Society of Alchemists
Otylia Dietrich of the Honorable Society of Brewers and Vintners
Giles Foerster of the Imperial Society of Smiths
Amara Ghislain of the Imperial Scribes
Archibald Sandel of the Honorable Guild of Physickers
Monika Walarik of the Brotherhood of Ledgers