Various sources (including memories of old stories, a vision of the Oracle of the North, and conversations with Remembrance have stated that among the servants of the Most Foul, there were ten in the Great War who stood as his chief lieutenants. Each of these ten is known by a variety of names and titles, depending on the story.

In a vision, the Oracle of the North said that of the ten, one was killed and one was banished. Some of the names on the list below may be different names for the same servitor, as they seem to have numerous titles and epithets.

The Codex indicates that the appropriate title for the 10 great servants of the Most Foul is 'the Durhilis Mor'. 'Durhilis' is Lingua Arcana for Shadow; 'Mor' means 'breath' or 'wind'. This is very close to one of the names for the Most Foul, 'Durhilis Morn'; the additional 'n' is an intensifier...perhaps 'Voice of Shadow' and 'Great Voice of Shadow'?

The Durhilis Mor

The Tendril of Ruination

Status: Active
Race: Firstborn
Also Known As: Sagart Niall, Ofilire, The High Priest
Mark: Blood
Minions: Unknown
Weapon: The Children (Lenga'hiduis)

There is One whose hunger is held by the Children of the Blood: May he never be sated.

Sagart Niall (Sagart is a title, meaning 'priest') was the High Priest of the Empire of the Oak and, according to some rumors, the lover of the Empress. He is a master of the magics of the Firstborn, and the creator and wielder of the paired Lenga'hiduis known as the Children. He had a reputation as a swordsman. His favored weapon against the world, however, is disease.

During an event known as the Great Deceit (by Tarsikkans) or the Trajection (by Tharici), a cabal of five Tharici wizards cast the Tendril of Ruination (and themselves) out of the world. The precise date of this event is unclear at present. Mentioned in the Rite of the Second Gatehouse.

The Tendril of Ruination is currently located in Tontura. He was encountered in June 1213 when the settlers of Marath Suvla journeyed to Tontura to create the Needle of Orumcek. He was Petrified by the Dragon Lavigne's Ice when he consumed 6 warriors Marked by Lavigne. He will return, but his return has been delayed by their sacrifice. According to Lavigne he gains power from those he Devours. He is a Firstborn of the Empire of Oak and weilds the Children, each of whom have Firstborn souls bound within them, presumably his actual children. -Dane Calov

Two minor corrections: the Tendril of Ruination is still trapped between the worlds, as per the Tharici ritual which banished him. He is not quite completely in Tontura; he is caught between the walls of the worlds. He is able to manifest most strongly in Tontura, likely drawn by the connections between himself, The Children, and the Sacrificial Forge. Also, the Needle of the New Moon, per the notes which were recovered and which Captain Ihtiras found.--Daniel

Unfortunately, the Tendril appears to have come back along the Road of Black Stars back to the mortal world, where he is once again active, if not blatantly. He has caused a plague in certain areas, and Shahnaz has spoken of having a deadline given to him by the Tendril, implying that he is asserting his place again as first among equals.

Cultists dedicated to the apparent worship of Ofilire have been seen in Marath Suvla.

While researching with Sir Azamon and Brökk, Sir Azamon was able to find part of a speech that Sagart Niall gave prior to the Gray Bite.
"I want to talk to you right now about an insidious threat to the Empire of Oak. I do not refer to the outward strength of Endeiras, an empire that is at peace tonight everywhere in the world, with unmatched economic power and military might. This threat is nearly invisible in ordinary ways. It is a tendril of ruination stretching forth. It is a tendril that strikes at the very heart and spirit of our natural world. We can see this tendril unfurling in the devastation and disease wrought by other empires and kingdoms, and in the loss the unity of purpose for our oaken empire."

The Warden of Vermin

Status: Active
Race: Firstborn
Also Known As: The Matron, the Amethyst Queen, Empress Meadbh of Endeiras, Chulda, Queen of the Firstborn
Mark: Shadow
Minions: Werewolves, Wereravens, Werebears
Weapon: Shadecaller (Lenga'hiduis)

There is One whose eye you will not resist, should it fall on you. To be hers is to know the truth of your own being, to love and to despair

Prior to the War, the Warden was Meadbh, Empress of the Oak, first among the Firstborn.

With the assistance of the Tendril, the Matron was directly responsible for the Grey Bite plague that beset the Firstborn, and which was in turn responsible for turning the survivors into werewolves. During the War, at least for a time, she lived a double life as the Amethyst Queen (with her stronghold at Halsethil, near Ton Isiq and Sharat Gan) and the Empress of Endeiras. She is a very powerful magician, likely practicing both ritualism and Firstborn magics (of which, with the Tendril, she ranked at the time of the Great War as one of the two greatest masters living), and likely has spirits at her service. She is a powerfully beautiful woman, of slender build and dusky skin. She has demonstrated the ability to overwhelm the Will with a look.

The title Amethyst Queen refers to her place in the Line of Amethyst, a Firstborn magical construct.

The Contagion

Status: Alive. Active in Oresund & the Hulder.
Race: Fallen Celestial
Also Known As: The Smith. Shahnaz. Gizem Coskun. The Corruptor. Grimhand. The Putrescent. The Putrifier (for his role in taking over wise rote items and inflicting them with vile curses). Rotting Hand. Bedrauglig. (The name Contagion derives from the sickness that spread over the land when his curses take hold of people in powerful roles.) Toledread, former Master Smith of Heaven.
Mark: Storm
Minions: Smiths
Weapon: Dustfall (Lenga'hiduis)

A crafter of corruptive artifacts which drove the wielders mad. See Marks (Research). Responsible for the Copper Gauntlet in Ophira, as well as the knife that created the Shurra. Nearly slain by the Molten Sheik, but rescued by a woman presumed to be another lieutenant (described by Martel as 'the Mate of the Tendril of Ruination'; probably the Amethyst Queen).

Notes from Khadija's research: A rare few refer to him by the name Bedrauglig, listing that as the name his companions knew him by. Most histories note him as one of the most powerful commanders, though one that had the fewest troops. He had only master smiths and craftsmen as his servants, and his role was not on the military lines, though he wielded a great golden hammer (The Golden Hammer of Unraveling one of the Seven Treasures of the Caliph's Coffers?) of incredible strength and power. It is said that some of the other commanders regarded him with disdain and anger, believing he was not as loyal and as good a servant as they. However, all things that I read indicated that he was extremely effective, even if he did otherwise avoid the political conflict among the ranks of the other Servants.

From Daniel: The Smith has a cadre of mortal smiths who have learned the art of using Forms and mortal sacrifice in Forge Magic as something of a short-cut in enchanting, at least for weapons. They bash in the skulls of people while forging and use the spilling of Blood from this act for enchanting. It appears that his talent for crafting corruption spreads through his gift of teaching as well as his more physical gifts. He is the former Master Smith of Heaven, the one who crafted Oriset's Glaive. He can be known by his ruined, rotting hand, apparently a consequence of an attempt to take the Glaive at some point. There is a very strong rivalry between him and Spirit-Slave, as the latter believes that The Smith will one day turn his back on their master in the same way he left the Light of Heaven.


Status: Killed, but her soul remains— separated in pieces of her armaments.
Race: Human
Also Known As: The Voiceless Scream; the Whisperer; Heart splinter
Mark: Fire
Minions: The Scorpions of Abendroth, a Tarsikkan rebel movement that includes many homunculi

There is One who lies sleeping, her soul in pieces: may she never awaken.


Ronin don Mazhan-

I believe we saw the moment of choice. We were on the field of battle, surrounded by Vryakotha and her most stalwart lieutenants. In fact, we saw through the eyes of those warriors. The Most Foul confronted Vyrakotha and gave her a choice: to sacrifice herself or to save her people and homeland. The memory or vision ended there. As hard as it is to see, it seems she chose sacrifice and was made a slave--in service to the Most Foul as one of his ten Durhilis Morn. In contrast to Martel's telling, it seems the sacrifice was made not for an army, but for our nation as a whole, though I do not defend her choice. The Mazhani people would have proudly chosen death.

The Great War of Shadow

At their distance from matters of the mainland, the Mazhani took little note of the earliest years of the war. After five years, the Host descended in Mazhan as they did on the mainland, and nowhere did they find a monarch so willing to listen as the Paladin Queen Vyrakotha dai Dessa. She gave all aid and succor to the Host, as they possessed a command of magic far beyond anything the few Mazhani mages could do. After six months of training, they joined in the war, campaigning across Druma and Tharicia, fighting against what seemed to be endless legions of shades and trolls. The Blades made a noble accounting, as did the forge mages and the more dubious conscripts from Anathema. Many of those conscripts saw the war as a last chance to serve the Paladin Queen as they had failed once before.
In time the shores and hills of Mazhan were haunted by dead men and trolls who strode out of the sea. The home guard, an army of those too young or old for campaigning, crumbled before the enemy, and even returning with all speed, the Paladin Queen found her island in flames. Her absence on the mainland was costly, as the Nimori joined their force with the Most Foul against the heroes of Druma’s other tribes. The Battle of the Bitter River was a victory for the forces of the Most Foul because the Paladin Queen would not continue the battle on the mainland while her homeland burned.
Even returning home, however, it did not seem that that Paladin Queen’s army could save her country. In each engagement they bled deeper, and the Most Foul’s forces only continued their march. Finally, at the Battle of Malachite, the Most Foul was present in the flesh, and the remnants of the Mazhani army were crushed. As they bled on the field, the Paladin Queen sacrificed her life to drive away the Most Foul and give her army time to recover. Ferina dai Dessa, her sister, succeeded her.

Vyrakotha and Oriset were the founders of the Ivory Sun:

"Welcome kindred of Oriset. I, Tilia dai Pera, greet thee. Long has this been a safe haven of the Ivory Sun, those who follow the teachings of Paladin Queen Vyrakotha and Paladin King Oriset. I, one of their most trusted followers and dedicated healers, have remained waiting those who sought our secrets. Kindred of Oriset, those bearing no sign of betrayal upon their brows, the time has come to share our secrets." ~ Tilia dai Pera, guardian of an Ivory Sun artifact found by its members

Vyrakotha led an army of the Most Foul:
"It is true, then, the rumors I have heard. They are rumors no more, confirmed by my own eyes this very night. I was lending my expertise to Clan Khovald in the defense of Brearkjin when I heard the melody I had heard countless times before. An army of Mazhan was taking the field. There, side by side with shadows, the frozen corpses of the dead that had been raised and set against us, and trolls too numerous to mention, was the army of Vyrakotha. I spotted the foul monstrosity that Akaen had become in his desperate pursuit of victory over Ronin.
She was a foul and dead thing now, a visage of glowing, slavering hatred masked in the golden glory of her armor, and expressed through her swords that were an extension of her will. With her were the warriors of home who served their queen unquestioningly, and those called homunculi, that worshiped her as if a goddess had descended among them. I rushed to the Thanes to warn them that their plans did not account for Vyrakotha. She was the secret technique here. Whatever these Thanes had thought of, it was surely accounted for. If only they had listened to me." ~ authored by Kaida dai Sheena, transcript given to me by Valexxia

What the Auvet confirmed:

  1. Vyrakotha served the Most Foul
  2. Mazhan continued long after her death
  3. She is becoming 'more lively' and her visage is changing due to outside influence
  4. Currently wears the raiment and 1 bracer (side note: we believes the Scorpions of Abendroth possess the other bracer)
  5. There are 5 pieces of her raiment/armor that contain her soul,
  6. The Auvet remembers nothing of Mazhan or what happened on Mazhan. All knowledge has been wiped from her memory.

More information: ... +Vyrakotha

The Name Thief

Status: Active
Race: Human
Also Known As: Eater of Fates, Dark Mirror, Jytharic
Mark: Unknown
Minions: Ghuls, Thralls

This name has been used in connection with ghul activities, and is suspected to be a title for the ultimate master over the ghul population. The Oracle of the North told newcomers to Marath Suvla in a vision that the Eater of Fates sought 'the tablet', and showed them a 2 inch by 3 inch representation of a stone tablet (black with grey markings) with visible cracks (a katedesmos tablet). They were told that he tried to acquire it (or one like it?) in a recent battle (believed to be the Battle of Koru Forest), but failed.

Dymas the Younger was a man of my time, and my city. He awoke within the ruins of Ton Isiq, and found himself surrounded by a city of Ghuls. After Koru Forest, he was able to escape from the city. When I saw him recently, he mentioned that the Eater of Fates does indeed run the city of Ton Isiq, and the Ghuls. This creature told him, and the other people that were within the city that he wanted to rebuild the great city of Ton Isiq and that he needed their help to do so. Not having much choice - Dymas fell in line. When he was sent on a mission with Ghuls he noticed something interesting. The further away from their master they were - the more likely they were to act counter to the instruction that Dymas had recieved. He took from this that either the control of the Ghuls was limited, or that this Eater of Fates had a unspoken agenda. Who the Eater serves, is unknown, but I do know that he claims to be the Last Great Magus of Ton Isiq. This claim would make him Magus Cestasis. - Gregor the Patron

Magus Cestasis was killed by a wizard from Ton Isiq known as The Dark Mirror or Jytharic. We now know that the Eater of Fate is indeed this man and not the Magus. His claim to the title of Magus is due to the fact that he killed the prior Magus. It is also known that he steals the True Names of people and uses them for nefarious purposes. It is said that he may have an item which is a tapestry covered in the lingua arcana, that he uses to collect the names of people.

There is also a rumor that he is allied with beings from one of the Realms Between. Given the nature of his minions and the fact that spirit court says he "feasts on the memory of Ton Isiq" it is likely he has allied himself with the famine lords of Khilest.

It is also been said that Jytharic has never been known to fight from the front of a battle. He prefers to remain at safe distance and send his minions into battle for him. The only way to get him to leave the sanctuary of Ton Isiq is to tempt him with something an army of ghuls cannot resolve. The only thing we think he may want is more power over the gate in Ton Isiq. His other desires are a mystery as of now. -RX

Brig, Cassia, Rexyl, Aegidus and I went to the Library of Khaldun to look for any clue to Jytharic and possibly his True Name, as incredible as it seems that any wizard might let the actual letters get out. Assuming that he has a True Name in the Lingua Arcana - a not unreasonable assumption - Brig shares the suggestion of one of the Apa of his caravan, that one can sometimes back-form True Names if one knows what the name means. As Rexyl has some small knowledge of the Lingua Arcana, this seems a reasonable, if difficult path, depending on what the name actually means. There are several appellations to start from - the Dark Mirror, Eater of Fates, The Name Thief. Figuring out what those would be in the Lingua Arcana is a matter for much deeper Lore than he has… well, he notes that 'dark' is 'dur', and 'eater' probably has to do with 'hal', since that means 'mouth' or 'maw', but the rest is much more … abstract.
Rexyl and Kara both mention creating a weapon to destroy Jytharic, but it doesn't take a forge mage to understand that we need his True Name if we want to make a Nemesis weapon for him. As for making a weapon dedicated to killing him … that is certainly possible, via the Sacrificial Forge, and Kara said that that's more or less the goal of her old commander, who wants to make a living weapon to combat the source of the Ghuls. However we realise that there's no guarantee that a special weapon of any kind would kill and keep him dead, given how little we know of his current nature… that is to say, _what_ he actually is. Which means discovering the means he used to prolong his life, since he certainly isn't a body-hopper like Varas was.
In thinking about it, we realised that we've never heard of Ghuls mentioning the Eater of Fates in any detail, and to date, no one has ever gotten any information about their master from them, even the ones with significant personality. He has been fairly careful in keeping information about his nature and deeds secret, yet, to maintain power in the world, he certainly must have some kind of servants or cultists somewhere, bearing his Mark … tracking down such persons would likely yield some clues. Likewise, speaking to someone who knew and remembers him, if we could dig up such a person.
Cassia, in her perusal of the various tomes, came across the following passage in an extremely ancient and damaged book, which proved (after a lot of scrutiny) to have been by Hierax the All-Seeing of Ton Isiq, from the Great War:
"It is certain that the Oracles could, if they wished, tell us everything about who and what threatens the City and the World, but also that the influence of the Enemy blunts their sight, and muddies their words, turning them to senseless gibbering. This last symptom however could simply be the result of their gift, like the constant bleeding. As a result, it is extremely difficult to tell what they mean when they use a name-- they do not speak in True Names, so to speak, except indirectly, much in the way of enslaved Spirits, but they may also use a number of terms to refer to a person, or to many people… it gets incredibly complex, and the more dangerous the topic, the more indirect the Oracle must be to speak of it. According to the Oracle of the East then, the major threat to our City is called the Eater of Fates, The Dark Mirror, The Hollow One, the Thief of Names, He Who Devours His Own Memory, and then starts speaking of ivory halls becoming white jade, and stresses the vital importance of knowing the difference between the two, and not mistaking the ivory for the white jade, and that green and white are not enemies… I understand that the Oracle is talking about Sharat Gan to some extent, but I do not think the prophecy means that Sharat Gan itself is not our enemy. The Tharician Kitros, who has such skill in interpreting the words of ancient Lygora, can perhaps be of use in unraveling this puzzle."
The rest of the chapter was so damaged as to be unreadable, and the next section that can be made out is mostly a long list of various other Seeker Wizards and their terrible faults and personal habits. We looked, but didn't spy the names of anyone we knew, which was kind of a shame, because that would be hilarious. Either way, there's more to drill down on, but one way or another, we're going to need to figure out a way to draw out Jytharic, or someone who serves him directly. - Thorn

The Scarred Mistress

Status: Presumed active
Race: Firstborn (tentative)
Also Known As: Mistress of the Sea, Mistress of Tigers
Mark: Unknown
Minions: Scrags (sea trolls), sea hags

There is One whose hate is a wedge, who is heard in deep places: I fear she will hear me

Mentioned in the Codex entry on Trolls.

She is described in The Mistress of the Sea. Her dealings with Evermur the Hungering are described in the Codex. She is said to have a great hatred for one of the other lieutenants of the Most Foul. From recent events (sea hags and scrags attacking wereravens and werewolves) this appears to be the Warden of Vermin (AQ).

In the Song of Voluspa, referred to as 'the Lady of Tigers' or 'the Mistress of Tigers from the south' among a list of Firstborn who came to the service of the Most Foul. Given that, presumably a member of the House of Tigers.

Ceannasai Caitir Tarbh, of House Tiogair was the Ceannasai of Miotail. She is described as "a woman of fair beauty, but carrying many scars, both on her flesh and in her heart.

The Dayender

Status: Active
Race: Human
Also Known As: Skyblackener; Kasirga; the Desert Storm
Mark: Dust
Minions: Dust locusts

There is one who is wasting itself: the sky peels back in terror from his coming.
  • "Eifion gave his life in battling the Dayender" (See The Barrow of Eifion , Martel's Codex).
  • Was an enemy of the Marrashi

Notes from Khadija's research: The other commander that seems to have played a role in Ophira is known as the Dayender, most often called Skyblackener and it seems that the great dust and sand storms that crippled Ophira bore this same name. Some particularly verbose authors call him the Breath of the Coming Storm. It is unclear if his name came from the storms, the storms came from his name, or he actually produced the storms. Many believe it was the latter, and rank him equal to Bedrauglig in power. Some tales say that the Firstborn knew his common name, but that it was not common knowledge in the rest of the world. (The Firstborn knew him as Kasirga ~Dorin) The Dayender went South across the sea at some point, and laid waste to the lands of Marrashi. It was Hasim's involvement in the war against the Marrashi that alerted Tariq to the presence of the Dayender, and the eventual arrival of Fathi al-Haytham, the Marrashi prince, in Ophira.

'Kasirga' is an Old Ophiran word for 'great storm'. --Khavar


Status: Unknown
Race: Human
Also Known As: The Malady of Thought, Betrayer of Desire, The Shattered Thought, Yevdlif Miseria
Mark: Unknown
Minions: Mind-torn

There is One whose very thought is Malice: Tell him no secrets, or it will go poorly with you.

The "mindtorn" are his creatures - servants whose minds have been torn away.

Caused the fall of Sharat Gan;
(from Mark of Burning Horror text) "...spun lies and mistrust among the people of Sharat Gan for years and brought the corruption of the Most Foul into that ancient and august city. It was the Malady of Thought who had made it so that only seven heroes reached Marath Suvla from Sharan Gan, and so Uster Carran sought him out on the field of that terrible battle."

In the final battle of the Great War of Shadow, Uster Carran defeated Mind-Ache, but did not deliver the final blow to kill him because he was called to help imprison the Most Foul.

Martel mentions Malady of Thought in passing in the Codex entry on the Warded Barrows - that Uster was interred where the Malady of Thought could work no more evils against him. Betrayer of Desire is also mentioned on the page regarding Khilest. "They also invited others that I called enemy including she, Betrayer of Desire."

2014-06 An illusion or vision of the Mind-Ache was encountered on an expedition to the ruins of Sharat-Gan. He appeared as a tall man dressed in a green shirt, with a mask of black stone. With him were jade gargoyles and mindtorn.

1214-08-23 A messenger in the form of a Jade Gargoyle ambushed Anthea in her cabin. He spoke of how his master's (referring to him by the title of Malady) attention had been drawn to her because of her delving into the secrets of Sharat Gan. He said that one day she would serve his master too. She proclaimed her opposition to that sentiment and he only smiled. Once he had paralyzed her with terror he disappeared.

Anthea meditated on the name Yevdlif from a record shown her by Rexyl. Upon delving into her lores, she recalled the full name, Yevdlif Miseria. Then she heard the voice of Malady, asking why she sought his name. He then proceeded to attack her and those near her in the tavern. More information should be available in the book that contains Malady's original name.


Status: Defeated
Race: Human
Also Known As: The Walking Grave, Skinshatter, Jarl Lowmijar, the Frozen Castle, the White Bear
Mark: Ice
Minions: Frozen Dead

There is One who stands guard in the North: he feeds on the bones of the Great and the Small.

  • Skinshatter was seen by Martel to enter the Hall of Immortals in Tontura. (See On Tontura, Martel's Codex).
  • Mentioned in Tarsikkan folktales concerning the Crone of the Skattenmark, Hanne Uva.
  • "..the trolls who serve Skinshatter will call themselves the Krujefrhikrad.." (See On Troll Culture, Martel's Codes) '~Krujefrhikrad means "People who create in Ice".
  • Though the reasoning is somewhat tenuous, I believe Skinshatter has a direct connection to the Frozen Castle totem. It is possible that Skinshatter is (or was) also Jarl Lowmijar, who became the avatar of the Frozen Castle.--K
  • Jarl is DEFINITELY Skinshatter. His Mark is Ice. He can resurrect, mark you and force you to join his Totem. He confirmed this while we faught him in April, 1214. - Dane
  • In April 1214, an expedition gained entry to the Citadel of Congealed Shade and claimed possession of the physical relic of the Frozen Castle totem.
  • On Highsummer 1214, the Frozen Castle totem was carried to Tontura, and there destroyed upon the Sacrificial Forge. Skinshatter was present to oppose this action, and with the destruction of the totem's relic, vanished. He is presumed either perished utterly or else trapped in spirit within the Hall of Immortals.
  • Skinshatter is not destroyed, though he is greatly weakened. Those who enter the Hall of Immortals cannot perish utterly unless the Hall itself is unmade. Deadmoon has claimed Skinshatters' mortal soul, but an aspect of Skinshatter lives on within the Hall itself. It is probable that the Citadel of Congealed Shade will appear again. Precedent would set the timetable of such an occurrence at 500+ years, though that is a guess. ~Devout Ivan Barov

The Spirit-Slave

Status: Deceased
Race: Human
Also Known As: The Many Faced; Undying Hate; The Tide Turner; Ylipo Varas
Mark: Shadow and Flesh
Minions: Wicker-men (Homonculi made of wicker)

There is One who is many: his face is comely, or it is terrible but his fingers reach everywhere

Said to be able to possess the bodies of victims. May be in control of the Wooden Flame organization and their wicker-men.

Ylipo Varas is a ritualist of formidable capacity with great expertise in rituals of Shadow. He has also mastered the Rites of Matter, and can perform Form-based rituals.

From research by Siona and Yava, has a connection to the Wicker War in Oresund (perhaps explaining his use of wicker-men). A text about him referred back to a book called "Five Black Candles", by A.N.M.T.

In Tharici lore, listed as the 'least' entry on a list that seems to be direct servants of the Most Foul.

Almost certainly the owner of the initials 'Y.V.S.S' (Ylipo Varas, Stratomagos of Strazha) found on the Blood-Rite of the Splintered Gate

Siona and Yava conducted considerable research on Spirit Slave.

"Prefers to be addressed by 'he' regardless of the physical gender of the body being possessed. Focus is a small glass bottle on a chain. I attempted to Identify this bottle, resulting in the bottle suddenly disappearing. Is in possession of the Amethyst Sceptre (Shadecall?), though based on conversation I had with him, I would not say he is the "owner". Referred to himself repeatedly as the "Greatest Wizard in All The World". He really doesn't like Ton Isiq. I believe he introduced himself as Ylipo Varas, Stratimagos of the Strazha, but my memory could be faulty on that point. ~Dorin"

On August 23rd, 1214, Ylipo Varas was slain by Captain Kara using a Nemesis weapon forged from his phylactery by the Contagion. Brother Tobias then used the Culling Sickle to disrupt the enchantment of indestructibility upon the dagger and destroy it. The soul of Varas was briefly seen to materialize before being sucked away in a vortex of Aether. The Lenga'hiduis Deadmoon reports that the soul of Varas is beyond its sight...he is presumed either consigned to the Grim Prison or destroyed utterly.

Deadmoon claims that the event we witnessed was the soul of Ylipo Varas being cast into the Grim Prison. I would caution against believing he is utterly destroyed, as we have also witnessed the Returned rising from the Grim Prison. An unlikely event, but it would be wise not to underestimate any of the Durhilis Mor. ~Devout Ivan Barov

Divisions based upon Teeth in the Maw

-Teeth in the Maw gives 10 names divided into 6 groupings. I suspect the groupings are some commonality between those Lieutenants. Possibly a tie to power, the type of Mark they bestow, or their race of origin. - Dorin

"The Wise laid the teeth on the blanket before me, jagged and splintered, and each of a different Kind of creature. As he lay each he Called of it, though he left me to guess the Kind that it was, after he had done: ""The Tendril, which is Away, by our hand. 'The Warden of Vermin,' grey-wolf's tooth, 'The Scarred Mistress,' a shark's tooth, 'Skinshatter. The Contagion, the Dayender,' a cat's tooth, 'The Voiceless Scream,' a serpent's tooth, 'The Mind-Ache,' a yellowed, human tooth, 'The Name Thief. And the least of all of them, 'the Spirit-Slave,' and there he laid a tooth of a kind that I could not place..."

Summarized to:

grey-wolf's tooth - The Tendril; The Warden of Vermin
shark's tooth - The Scarred Mistress
a cat's tooth - Skinshatter; The Contagion; The Dayender
a serpent's tooth - The Voiceless Scream
a yellowed human tooth - The Mind Ache
unidentified - The Name Thief; The Spirit-Slave

Secrets of the Deep

There are several Secrets of the Deep that appear to reference the lieutenants. All of the ones that appear to reference the lieutenants were written in red ink. I am including all the red ones here:

There is One who stands guard in the North: he feeds on the bones of the Great and the Small.
(The Frozen Castle...and very likely Skinshatter --K)
There is one who is wasting itself: the sky peels back in terror from his coming. (Dayender? --D)
There is One whose very thought is Malice: Tell him no secrets, or it will go poorly with you.
(Mind-Ache, the Malady of Thought --K)
There is One who lies sleeping, her soul in pieces: may she never awaken. (Vyrakotha? --K)
There is One who is many: his face is comely, or it is terrible but his fingers reach everywhere. (Spiritslave --K)
There is One whose hate is a wedge, who is heard in deep places: I fear she will hear me. (Mistress of the Sea --K)
There is One whose eye you will not resist, should it fall on you. To be hers is to know the truth of your own being, to love and to despair (Amethyst Queen; the Matron; Warden of Vermin. --K)
There is One whose hunger is held by the Children of the Blood: May he never be sated. (Tendril of Ruination. --K)