Several weapons of power are described by Martel in the Codex, on the page discussing linga'hiduis. Martel claims that only 11 of these weapons can ever exist. See further notes from a smith's perspective here: Lenga'Hiduis

Some of those souls were given willingly - I am certain that the soul within the Glaive chose that end, knowing that it would find neither rest nor rebirth. I cannot say the same for all of them. There is no way of knowing which of the weapons is greatest in power, for in their battles against one another each has seen victory, and only the Children have never known defeat. Linga’Hiduis protect the souls of their wielders from passage into death. --The Codex

Glaive of Oriset

See ongoing research about the Glaive of Oriset
A likely candidate for the role of the weapon that struck the death-blow to the Most Foul. Current location unknown.

The Children

A pair of matched swords, crafted by and wielded by the Tendril of Ruination.
(possibly named Venalitate and Depravare)


Dustfall is a mighty hammer which the Rotting Hand dedicated to the cycle of creation and destruction. He shaped it in the likeness of a weapon called the Herald, which I am told resides in Heaven in the hands of the Primarchs. The Rotting Hand bestowed it upon a mortal who betrayed the Molten Sheik, but I know nothing more of it after that. --The Codex

Last known to be in the keeping of a noblewoman smith in the Principalities. (Countess Von Anderlach)


Icecarver is a short sword, created by a druman alliance of warriors and shamans. These joined with a secretive brotherhood within the Shido Linar to create this weapon and one other to be the perfected expression of mortal will. They endowed into it the power to shape the soul and to drift on the tides of fate. It is stone, as black as the shamans' dream. --The Codex

A legendary weapon sought by members of the Ebon Aspect. It is told to show up at the moment of greatest need, and disappear immediately thereafter.

The only other known reference to this weapon is found on the grave marker of Bjorn Runasson, who is declared "Brother to the Ice Carver."

Confirmed by memories of Bjorn Runasson to be a shortsword made of some sort of black stone.

Most recently wielded by Sveinn Vidarrson


The Shadow's Call or Shadecall, is a weapon of many names; those who worshiped the Rotting Hand called it the Dark Herald, for it calls forth the shade legion. The soldiers of the Vailian Guard knew it as Swiftdeath, for it stole their voices and their breath. It is amethyst bound in silver and inlaid with gold showing the signs of the houses of Endeiras. --The Codex

Owned by and made for the Amethyst Queen, but often lent by her to her servants or allies.


Deadmoon is the sword of the dead who lie in the cold earth. Ghosts serve any who master the sword, but Deadmoon claims them in turn. Those who receive a lifetime of service are beholden to the blade, and give an eternity of service thereafter, bound to join the army of the dead. Many have truly believed that victory was worth any price, including rebirth. Perhaps the blade's destruction return them to the cycle, I cannot know. --The Codex

Currently wielded by Ivan Barov.



Able to "slay the very essence of the lands, and a terrible weapon in the hands of evil, but a potent weapon for one that can resist its dark call;". For more info also see Cursed Objects.

Location unknown.


That which was forged from Storm to combat the Storm, but was shattered by the Rotting Hand of the Putrifier before it could see its task to the end. The winds that were released when Highguard was shattered blew the remnants to the ends of the world, so that neither could Rotting Hand corrupt nor fully destroy it.

Broken and scattered.

- Regarding High Guard: I had asked Narin of Khaldun to look into High Guard for me, and when I met with her she had folders of notes ready for me; folders, packets, oilskins, and stacks of notes and documents. It rapidly became clear that tracking down a legendary weapon left in shards over five thousand years ago is a monumental task. As Narin began reviewing the information with you, it further became clear that just sifting through all of this would take an incredible amount of time.

The information ranges from stories dating back to the Great War, to tales of weapons that have been shattered and must be reforged, to places in the world that serve as loci for the Realm of Storm. It is Narin's belief that such a weapon might exude an area of influence based on the weapon itself, now that it was no longer complete, but not yet destroyed. In fact, Narin had gathered considerable information on areas that attract large numbers of Storm events, such as places of gathering for the Unending Sky, or where creatures of the Realm of Storm make their homes. The most obvious and well-documented is the Isle of Storm Drakes not far from Petra's Hearth. Narin also made notes of fierce storms that have appeared throughout history, correlating data points to see if some areas are more likely than others. She points out that due to her personal obsession with Mazhan, she has discovered great storms that rage in the ocean in the general area where Mazhan used to reside.

Starting with the battles, Narin shared accounts of two battles during the Great War: one during the Fall of Takresh, and the other during the Battle of Death's Reach. From the accounts, it seems that it was during the Battle of Death's Reach that the axe was shattered. Prior to the fighting with Tariq Silkinti, The Smith (yes, that Smith) sought out battle with a mighty commander by the name of Rosaria Sinestros, who wielded the axe. He intended to capture or destroy the weapon at the behest of The Scarred Mistress, to whom the weapon so opposed. It is unknown if Rosaria was slain in this battle, but the accounts seem clear that this was when the weapon was broken. - Thorn


A splendid two-handed sword of fiery vengeance.

Currently wielded by Nilmer Presben, a warrior of the Unbroken Circlet in Oresund.

Waypoint - either it talks to its wielder or its wielder is, in fact, crazy as a loon. The sword did recognize several Celestials on sight, however, and it had Celestial markings on its blade. - Thorn

Ancient Mazhani Weapons

I suppose this is the best place for this. I have come across a number of now ancient, Named weapons created by Mazhani forge mages with the assistance of a powerful Ritualistic and Scribe, by the name of Shelia dai Alere.

Falcon - A great Blade wielded by Akaen. Used in a deadly attack, Flight of the Falcon.

Silent Cliff - unknown

Ending's Poem - unknown

Dusk's Accord - Once wielded by Ronin don Mazhan. Abandoned.

Harmony's Peak - Once wielded by Ronin don Mazhan. Abandoned.

More information will be revealed as I remember it. -- Ronin don Mazhan

Other Weapons

The Fallen seem to be concentrating their resources on certain Named (although mostly not Souled) weapons that were known to have been wielded by Celestials in the Great War. Following are the notes that they had taken on those weapons. At least one is known to be in the hands of a current Celestial of Marath Suvla. If one should happen to see one of these weapons in the hands of someone other than a known ally, be warned that Fallen may well be nearby. If anyone wishes to research these further, the Celestials will likely be quite willing to provide help.

Fist of Tharamon
Night Sheen
Shadow's Mercy / Light's Deception / Fire's Dominion / Storm's Harmony / Ice's Discord
Storm Pike
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