The Fallen

[See also a more complete list of Fallen that includes those of long ago.]

  • There was one at Petra's Hearth that was accepting delivery of some research from the Gallow's Hand cabal outside Petra's Hearth. He ran from us, and I don't know his name nor did I get a look at him. Elaine, can you describe him? When he fled Petra's Hearth, he got on a ship bound for Khaldun. While we were chasing him, he left us this message: “The Sublime Emperor of Creation decrees the deaths of all who serve the Usurper, yet I thank you for the honor you gave to Adnashkel. I will meet you again on more even terms, O brothers and sisters.” (Adnashkel was slain by the Townsfolk earlier that weekend.)

  • There were two that met with Elaine, Rashayel, and Hirandel in Raven's sleep; one male (Radniel), one female (Tivonna). Radniel is tall-ish and slender with short dark hair, and Tivonna is small and slender with long straight dark hair. They were looking for information on Oriset's Glaive.

"Also among the Fallen, a woman named Tivonna. She was a ritualist and was in phase with Storm and Shadow, and in the Sphere of Art. She spoke of wanting to remake the world when the Most Foul won." - Rashayel

In regards to the male Fallen we met, I have spent much deep meditation on the name and the face. I recently realized we had heard the name incorrectly. Radniel was the name. It was a name that had escaped my memory entirely, but now I remember much. I was thinking on my time in the Vanguard and then it struck me. Two names stood above all others; Oriset, of course, and Radniel. Radniel was obsessed with tactics, strategy, and planning. He was one of the foremost tacticians for the Host, and often held salons that were open discussions with the younger members of the Host. He clashed with Oriset constantly, as I recall. The two disagreed on tactics constantly, and each believed that they possessed the correct strategy when it came to fighting against the Shades in the Manse. This could be a clue as to why he walked away from the Light, but I could remember no more than this. I have changed the name in Rashayel's entry accordingly. - Hirandel

  • There was one female that was seen on the edge the battle with the spirit slave in Marath Suvla. Her name is Ishiala, and she's also small and slender.

"Ishiala is the one who assaulted me during the efforts to rescue prisoners from their magical cages. Rashayel confronted her, but was held at bay by her powerful magics, which she invoked without speaking the words of power we Celestials normally need to use to channel the Realms. We believe she is seeking the Horn of Faldrefel, which is rumored to call shades to the one who blows it." -Zyrial, a Celestial

  • Toledread was once the Mastersmith of Heaven who Fell over his pride in his craftsmanship, and possibly over a disagreement with a friend of his who was sacrificed in the creation of the Glaive of Oriset. He has subsequently become one of the Durhilir Mor. See under "The Contagion" there for more information.