A short list of horrible items that will be (or already have been) showing up to cause trouble.

Alabaster Hammer

Owned by Princess Abelone, it was used (is used?) as a means of execution by Gaunt in Athral

Described as being made of iron, gold and alabaster.

I'm not certain how cursed this thing is likely to be. It was used by Abelone, the daughter of Sigmar, and has been used in more recent times as a method of execution by the military governor of Conwarashire. I hadn't heard anything exciting about it being haunted or cursed, though she always did seem like the kind of person who would go for that. - Eamon

According to Eamon, the Alabaster Hammer was once a Mazahni artifact created for the Paladin Queen so that she did not need to sully her blades when executing prisoners. "

It bears the following inscription:
"To the beautiful paladin-queen, Sully not your blades with those that defy us. Let this hammer bear your will in judgement."

Copper Gauntlet

Crafted by Shahnaz, this gauntlet drove the Caliph of Ophira mad. They were, in theory, taken to Marath Sulva to be destroyed. More information on Copper Gauntlet can be found in the Codex page from Martel's books.

Also, here's the story as it was told to me by Kemi of the Desert, a lady who works for the Khedive of Marath Suvla:
"His [the Molten Sheik's] father, the Caliph Devimsi Silkinti, was desperate to save the land from a ten-year drought that turned Ophira into a desert. He sought aid wherever he could find it, and when aid was not forthcoming, he attempted to compel it with force; he ordered Ghaliya, Hasim, and Shihab to capture a Celestial and a troll, to extract the magic of Storm from one and Dust from the other. They did so, by means of a ruthless stratagem, though they were not themselves cruel or wicked people - just desperate, and afterward they repented of the deed. They returned with their prisoners to the Caliph's palace and handed the Celestial and the troll over to the Caliph's scholars.

"They heard nothing more of this for a long time, but just before the Caliph gave up all hope, another man came to the court. The man was shrouded in bandages and wore a plain mask, and he promised the Caliph the solution to all the ills that beset Ophira. The man's name was Shahnaz, and after a period of labor he produced the Copper Gauntlet. Our history records Shahnaz's tale of how he made it, but it is too terrible to tell.

"It was... successful. The Caliph donned the Gauntlet and stepped outside of his palace. He raised his hand to the sky, the clouds rolled in, and the storms began. The rains restored life to Ophira, and the Caliph was called a hero, but he could not sleep at night; he felt neither hunger nor thirst; he was consumed with a fever that he did not feel. He heard voices in the night, commanding him to do ill deeds. He could not resist the whispers forever, and he became a tyrant over his people."

Crystalline Eye

"Following the death of Sinara, the thrice-locked box was delivered the court of Selas Jornson. A note, believed to be written by Sinara spoke of the contents of the box. 'Behold, the crystalline eye carved by Grimhand himself. While worth the weight of Selas's daughter in gold, as we all know that she is no gentle swan, I must cry once more, 'open it not!' Heidi the Shieldmaiden thought she could harness the power of the eye, and we found her feasting upon the blood of her shieldbrother in a fortnight. Jurgen Bodegarsson believed he was the master of the eye, and yet I witnessed him rip the wounds off of his body and lash Arngar the Slow across his throat. Take this to the Rooks. Have it destroyed."

See also: Martel's 2nd Codex; The Eye of Murderous Intent
See also: Forge Magic - Gift of the Quiet Cypher

Amethyst Scepter

This scepter/hammer appears to summon koyu. It was found in Marath Suvla on the Night of Legends. It may also Mark whoever touches it. It played a role in the death of the Tin Swan caravan and is very likely the ancient weapon called Shadecaller.


A man in Akathian military garb approached me several months ago at a tavern in Marath Suvla, after seeing me blow up my bow by trying to put Storm Magic through it. He gave his name as Seref, and told me, "Watching you practice put me in mind of a story my grandfather used to tell, of a powerful bow named Aethershred. A mighty archer of the First Age, Nuoli dai Leana, found a strange metal plate covered with mystical markings, buried under rocks and bones. Under threat of death and torture, she forced one of the barbarians she had captured to lift aside the metal plate and bring out the box from beneath it. He was wracked with torment, and the pain stopped his heart. She had no room for pity in her heart, and the bow fed on her darkness and the souls of those she slew. In return, though, it fed and sustained her in the thick of battle, until she was finally slain by a band of heroes. My grandfather always said that the lesson of the story was to be the master of your weaponry, rather than the servant. Personally, I think the lesson is not to fuck with things protected by magic runes." Needless to say I want to see this bow in splinters. - Thorn

According to the tome Of Curses and Creations by Kujuro don Hirayama, Aethershred is able to "slay the very essence of the lands, and a terrible weapon in the hands of evil, but a potent weapon for one who can resist its dark call." Given its name, and given that spirits are beings of Aether in much the same way that humans are beings of Flesh, and given its description of slaying the very essence of the lands, does anyone else suspect this bow might have been or still is in either Athral or Akathia at some point? --Daniel

The power to twist the world and bend it to our will, this is the power of magicians. Those who would have this power must work more carefully to keep their balance. Twist too much and you will break. So it was with Nuoli, carrier of Aethershred. She bent power to her will, until she broke. She forgot her balance, and it stretched her more than her living body could bear. Sometimes Nuoli would cause an opponent’s armor to erupt into flame. The screams of agony were terrible, but she never showed regret. Nuoli forgot how to balance her emption, her reason and her power. Today we will remember her in our inscription. Sit in front of your candle, and think of Nuoli. Remember her warrior’s heart.

-From the Teachings of Chi Shudao
-Inscription from Valexxia's A Scribes Notes from Marath Suvla, Vol. 1 - Dane Calov

A mention of Aethershred that Narin of Khaldun found:
"Nuoli sometimes felt surges of contempt that she didn't feel before, and moments of irritation or anger when someone even disagreed with her. Though this worried her, she learned to suppress her reaction to these feelings and would stroke the bow in order to remain calm. As Nuoli mastered Aethershred, she began to fully realize it's power. Nuoli had the ability to easily punch through shields, destroying them in the process, with her arrows. She could strike an opponent, causing their armor or weapon to ignite in flame unless it were removed or dropped. Over time, she learned to instantly slay those that opposed her, causing permanent death in those she chose. Doing this drained her, but it made her giddy for hours afterwards. Even normal strikes from Aethershred were said to cause insanity in those that survived the initial wound. Some of those she struck were claimed to slowly wither and die as of a sickness, unable to be cured because it was said to be of the spirit. Nuoli was slain during the battle in which Vyrakotha was turned to the service of the Most Foul, her bow disappearing as well. Nuoli was said to fight even after she should have long been dead, only finally falling when she was turned to ash, multiple times. Those that tried to wrest the bow from her were slain on the spot. No known record was kept as to what happened to Aethershred after the battle."

February 1214 - Sivnis the Red Talon came by the Library of Khaldun at the request of Sinara and dropped off a bundle of old notes and scrolls. We were reading through when Sinara came across references of a bow that "made you want to crawl into a hole to avoid having to look at it" from some documents that were from the log of a Gauntish ship captain around one hundred years ago. With a lead, Narin and I read through the rest of the documents in the lot, and found a further reference where captains out of the Hulder seem to be looking for this mythical bow and collecting stories of it from the different port towns of Athral Isle. There aren't any hard leads as of yet, but Athral Isle seems to be the major focus of the hunt.

Narin offered to write me a letter of introduction to a friend she has on the isle that works with the Worshipful Society of Scriveners there that would likely be able to help. - Thorn