Call of Caitir Tarbh


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From behind the mast I peer; line whips about and I know Harthani is angry. The gale roars in, I see sails tattered in the wind. Watching the clouds roil off starboard, I hear an eerie wailing, like whalesong, and sea chanty, and drake's growl all at once; a strange, sucking pull of voices. The words float up to me, borne on the breath of the Mistress of the Sea.

Come with us to where we drowned;
Hear, under waves our voices sound.
Harthani's bones to corals made,
Her pearls of wisdom guard her cave.
Join us now in ocean's deep,
Drowned, the reef your bodies keep.
Lie you down, wrapped in white sails.
Harthani guides you, flesh turned pale.
Walk again, the waves to ride;
Your vengeance take, with salty pride.

Lightning strikes the waves, Illuminating innumerable dead sailors, rowing toward our ship. The seaspray slaps their faces and shreds the white canvas, barnacled and rotten, clinging to their bloated bodies. Lightning strikes another swell, jagged darts hitting the swords of the drowned, and each blade glimmers with evil light. The dead begin to climb.

~Captain Asvele of the Shining Blue