While we lack a complete text and thus cannot include them here (or they are so well known as to be unnecessary), the following volumes have either been encountered directly or been referenced to in other texts. They may provide a starting point for research on related topics.

A Thousand Wish-Jeweled Skies
Dozhir Aliham
Spirits. Written in the late Truce Era by an Emirate scholar.
Ashes that Blot Out the Sun
The Obscured Sun cabal.
The Great War and the life of the Molten Sheik. Retranslated recently (and loosely) by Abala Iliana.
Bu Alev
Akathia. A poem about the life of the Molten Sheik. Used heavily in the training of Sandspire soldiers.
Codex of the Hand of Creation
Homunculi. In 991, the wizard Haragand stole a copy of the Tarsikkan Codex and sold it to others.
Curious Rituals of Uncommon Folk
Djed Voyvolhum
Elixirs and Flesh
Homunculi, Alchemy.
Five Black Candles
Kislav Kadides Magos of the Targovishte ?
Villainous wizards of the First Age.
Ghuls and their Properties: A Study in Parts
Nevo Hatali
Grafts, Ghuls.
Hasim and the Seven Temptresses
Iziq Aljavi of the Royal Scribes
Adventures of Hasim as he seeks the seven lost treasures of Caliph Devimsi in order to lock them away from the world and heal the harm they had caused. This was the Trial of Altruism, one of the five great trials that Hasim accomplished on his path to Ascension. Each of the treasures was possessed by a powerful woman who had become obsessed & changed by it.
Hukuk Kadirma

Akathia. The central body of Ophiran law, codified in 4497 LE to unify the ten surviving tribes of Ophira.
Inner Alchemy
Homunculi, Alchemy.
Spirits. Referenced in A Thousand Wish-Jeweled Skies.
Lesser Known Tales of Gaunt's Ruling Houses
Archivist Haider
Gaunts ruling houses
Living Forms
Homunculi, Alchemy.
Master and Servant
Teitur Eigill
Of Curses and Creations
Kujuro don Hirayama
Forge Magic. Specifically, magical, often dark, weapons & armor.
On the Light of Heaven
Religion. Teachings about the Light of Heaven, written pre-Second-Descent sometime before 1200 R.E. Openly published 1202. Deemed heretical by the Redwood Throne and suppressed. Rumored to be a denouncement of all worldly pleasures and to deny the rulership of kings.
On the Practice of the Art
The Ascending Stair cabal
Parts Unknown
Emilian Magnoni
Peculiarities of Tarsikka's Families Through Out the Years
Fleur Boroi, Archivist of Lady Chiara Alemein
Tarsikkan Noblility
Reflections of the Scarred
Trevia Ravenna
Secrets of Trayal
Esther Van Gestell
Duchy of Trayal in the Principalities of Verdien
Shieldbearer: A Joint Study of Life
The Black Stone and the Amythest Knight
Tales of Eternal Day
Religion. Written in the First Age by an Ophiran scholar. Discusses the Speaker of the Thousand Suns.
The Black Quill
Savos Savren of the Alemnet
Inscription Research
The Great Game
allegorical tales told over a game of Chess
The Key of Iron
Martel sought the book from the Library of Halion Idana, he believed that the original text to date from the eighth dynasty of Sharat Gan
The Mad Sheik
Atma of the Desert
Stories and information around the life of Caliph Devimsi Silkinti, father of the Molten Sheik, notable for the detail therein.
The Queen's Mark Manuscript
A document discussing the events described in the formula for the Mark of the Queensguard ritual and their possible explanation. No copy is available in Khaldun, but other documents reference it.
The Sinking Isle
Lucinda Bridger
Athral Isle and rebellion against Gaunt control
They Who Walk In Darkness
The First Age. Tharicia.
Tuzagi Contract
Akathia. Treaty which ended the Dust War, in 1883 TE, and established the Caliphate, Sultanate and Emirate as separate nations.
Unutterable Truths
Ylipo Varis (Varis?)
The rantings of a servant of the Most Foul.
Including his view regarding the Forms of Matter and the possession of corpses to gain eternal life.
Whispers of the Desert
Adina Ovios
Spirits. Written by a scholar of Ton Isiq, in the First Age, during the time of the Third Magus.
Words of the Earth
Brideos Jovar
Spirits. Written in the First Age by a Tharician scholar, a Magos of the Targovishte. The Khaldun copy went missing in 1190. (According to their index, the translation had my name on it. Curious; I don't remember doing that. --Khavar)
(I saw a copy of this once in Rosenfeld, I do not know if they still have it there - Ilyana)