Baron Hideg and the Culling Sickle
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Nasreen found this while researching how Ylipo Varas might be stopped, in spite of his body-hopping and apparent immortality. The modern story has been described as "half truth, half fiction," and "quite popular in the lands of Tarsikka." I am not sure yet how this relates to Varas' methods, but as a follow-up, Brother Kindle has offered to write to the current Baron Hideg (who knows him) and ask for more information about his famous (and infamous) family history

More recent note: Hideg turned over the sickle to the Left Hand for safekeeping (at Maergin's Hold). Brother Kindle plans to write to them and request use of the sickle if we can find a way to use it to kill Varas. They are likely to grant the request, since Varas has been their enemy for thousands of years.


One of the more famous members of the Tarsikkan nobility is Baron Miklos Hideg. Baron Hideg makes his home in South Western most barony in Tarsikka, unsurprisingly named for the baron's family. The Barony of Hideg is one of the smaller baronial provinces, but also one of the older ones. The Barony of Hideg was founded by Danut Hideg, at which time the construction of Fodor Castle began. In order to inspire obedience in his peasantry, the castle was constructed on the top of a cliff, overlooking the Doina Doamei, or Story's River. The original baron was a very strict ruler, but was kind to those who served him loyally. He was known to host great feasts and even allow peasants to stay in the castle if they had something unfortunate happen to their home. During Danut and his first son's rule, Danutfi, the barony quickly grew in size, wealth, and influence. By the time Danutfi's second son Mihaita took over the barony, his first son Varug was killed by beasts on a patrol outing, it looked as if the Hideg family might be able to consolidate power and expand their lands to size where they might have a majority of the land and make a case amongst the other nobility to be made king. Unfortunately a series of events worked to prevent this from ever coming to fruition.

First, Hideg began to get incursions from the Principalities along the borders, forcing Mihaita to start leading patrols and conscripting peasants to combat the forces. Second, Shadow creatures and beasts began to attack frequently causing civil unrest in the land. Several villages were fully gutted and fields burned. Stores were pillaged and starvation became a very real threat. Before long, peasants were getting sick, and an epidemic broke out, further heightening the paranoia and fear engulfing the barony. To make matters worse, Mihaita was slain in battle against the Shadow creatures. Mihaita had no heir, but his first cousin Bogdan was of age and assumed power within the barony.

Bogdan seemed to be the answer that the barony needed. Soon after assuming the position of baron, the plague was halted, the shadow creatures were seemingly pushed back, and the invading forces were repelled. Though the barony was severely set back due to the ill luck it had suffered, Bogdan quickly established authority and began pushing for expansion once again. Unexpectedly, he faced opposition in this regard. People remembered the not-so-distant horrors that occurred during the last expansion push and were resistant. In short order, people who opposed the baron began to disappear. Entire families vanished in the middle of the night and lights were often seen in Fodor Castle during the darkest hours of the night. Rumors began to spread that Bogdan had made a deal with an evil power in order to gain his position as baron. However, Bogdan ruled uninterrupted and died seemingly of old age. His son, Bogdan II took over and the same pattern of fear and families being removed in the middle of the night. Once more Bogdan II passed and his son, Bogdan III took control of the castle. Throughout his reign, and the reign of his father, Bogdan II and Bogdan III were never seen openly, all edict being pronounced by local lords and constabulary. This continued for a span of nine different Bodgans ascending to rule the barony.

A distant relative of Bogdan, Petre Nicusor approached the castle in order to petition on behalf of his village for a cessation of taxes causing his village to be near destitute. Upon being taken into the castle, Petre was greeted with sights of gruesome sacrifices, peasants being tortured and bearing marks of being eaten while they were still living. In addition, Petre found that Bogdan IX was the same as Bogdan I and had definitely entered into a pact with a dark force of great power..Petre escaped the castle that night and returned with the forces of the surrounding baronies and peasantry to force Bogdan from his castle and finally slay him upon the banks of the Doina Doamnei. Bogdan had been revealed to be a powerful wizard and vile practioner of Shadow, with powers unheard of before. Petre beheaded Bogdan using a silver sickle, given to his family by the original baron Danut. Petre was installed as the baron and new ruler of Fodor Castle. Petre assumed the Hideg family name, to help the transition of the peasants and also established what is now known as The Culling Sickle, a group of highly trained soldiers skilled in the art of detecting and eliminating threats of a Shadow nature. However, as a bargain with the nobility that helped Petre, much of the barony was given to the lords as a reward, significantly shrinking the size of the barony.

Petre's descendant Miklos is now the ruler of Fodor Castle, and ruling lord of the barony. Under news that the Shadow is once again gaining in strength, Miklos has begun a ruthless campaign against the Shadow, increasing the size and activity of The Culling Sickle, in addition to the patrols that all the nobility normally leads. Miklos is a harsh and uncompromising lord who lives in the memory of his corrupt ancestry, determined not to be associated with him or repeat his mistakes. As a result, much of the peasants are resentful of the treatment they are receiving and live in fear of being crushed by the baron if they are even suspected of being associated with the Shadow. Unhappy peasants have been rumored to report their neighbors to the baron at the smallest dispute. Often those neighbors disappear without a word and are never heard from again.

Fodor Castle has been gutted by the current baron, trying to erase all history of the past. The keep is in a state of disrepair at the moment, and the peasants are being pushed hard to repair and finish the keep, increasing the defense and erasing the past. Baron Hideg has turned to the Redwood Throne for guidance, and has become one of the more devout members of the Throne within Tarsikka. Baron Hideg has invited the Redwood Throne, including the Left Hand into his barony, hoping to do all he can to stem the tide of Shadow, knowing that it often lurks inside the hearts and minds of the Tarsikkan people.

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