Anada's Regard


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Activation Verbal:
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“Anada had a great talent for knowing when magic was around. Some say she used the power to stay safe, others say she used it to pilfer the best treasures. She must have found a way to pass on knowledge of her talent to the fisher-village where Ton Isiq was later built. I know that in Ton Isiq, the Consort of the Well was said to sense magic in any who approached him; he refused to allow any with active magic near him.

The Consort claimed that he was protecting himself and his research. Those who wished to see him feared him, and left behind all magic at his command. Whenever someone would seek his counsel, the Consort of the Well required that the seeker approach along a specific path, and then he would slash them with a sharp key he kept. He said that so long as the person’s cut bled red, they had followed his command to leave all magic far away, but if their sin was uncut, or would not bleed, they had betrayed him and would be killed on the spot. His actions give us cause to wonder if he is allied with the long-lived, devious Master Cestacis.”

~ story of evidence given by an assassin of the Silver Web