The following is the complete transcription of the book An Attestation of the Faith, written by Nidremar, the Just Queen. I have been very conflicted about publishing this, not from a desire to withhold information but rather from a personal perspective of Faith. I do not, nor shall I, push my beliefs upon others; that does not mean I wish to debate or justify those beliefs, though. I would ask those that peruse this text to be considerate, as the subject matter is the very genesis of the Light Under the Mountain.

~ Devout Ivan Barov


These the words of Nidremar,
written in hope that two souls might salvation find,
for we fought against the Lord of Light;
may his Light shine down from age to age,
until the redemption of the last of prisoners
and the exaltation of all the world.

In the sinful days of my life, we together ruled Star's Mercy,
seeking ever to expand our grasp by treaty or by force,
breaking the peace that had endured since the Great War.

Suflet Lumin lay in our path; nor would we turn aside from it,
despite the many entreaties of the Lord of Light,
may his name be blessed.
Mankind has ever been covetous of wealth, power over their fellow,
and the glory of the blooded sword; our sins were grave.

In close fighting he fell, the Lord of Light who had fought all his days
against shade and shadow-walker, Zehre and werewolf.
None know the cruel hand that held the slaying sword,
who shed the blood of the living God; no blasphemy could surpass this.

The soldiers of Suflet Lumin mourned the Lord of Light;
in the midst of hard fighting their sorrows could be heard,
On the second day it seemed that their spirit has splintered;
their battle-line faltered, despite their great courage.
The third day was vengeance, in Mourning of the Light,
the tides had turned, and their dead fought once more.
Our day of suffering was at hand, and our warriors were driven
across the hill-crest and fallow-field until the daylight was dying.

Then stirred the Shadow.

Shutemel had made alliance with a powerful knight,
bound in strong armor, with an ill-favored host.
Faldrefal, who we had believed to be honorable,
as we believed in the honor of all men who bore colors,
had lost the greater portion of his men;
we thought his defeat was equal to ours.
His brazen horn he sounded, as to summon a legion,
and a legion responded, teeming shades and great horrors.

I plight thee my prayers, O Lord of Light;
despise us not for the treachery of Faldrefal,
nor for oath-breaking that ended that ill-made alliance,
and ended the sight of the clear-eyed Shutamel.
Permit, O Dalmied, the our service might lessen
the bitter burdens that cripple our souls;
let my quill bear forth now your holy word.

Faldrefal showed his true nature there, on the blood-soaked field;
he unleashed the hungering dark against the men of the south;
his monsters worked horrors still greater, for none could stand
against the insidious and damning power of the Zehre,
those who punish humanity still for the sins of their fathers.
The shades were without number; whenever the horn sounded
a new throng emerged from the night's darkness around us.

We repented of our sins.
The scales fell from our eyes, and vainglory, from our hearts.
A new oath I forged with the heirs of the fallen king,
that never again would warring divide us,
if they would only permit
our shield-wall to join them, and die with the righteous.

Thus came we to the service of the Lord of Light,
who lay even then upon his funeral bier;
yet we look for his return in glory,
when Tharicia cries out for him,
when all other light has gone, then shall we take candle-flame
from whence it shines forever, a light under the mountain.

Even unto the enduring of night, the men of Miotail
and the faithful few of Star's Mercy, may Light be upon them,
struggled against Faldrefal, the Master of Treachery
and the most deceitful knight who ever bore his spurs.
They who Mourned the Light showed their prowess then;
though they sang their death-song, hope was not lost,
for the Lord answered their hymn with glorious might;
every man fallen lent strength to the living,
every man slain filled his brethren with might.

Though few were left standing when the battle was ended,
the Shadow was broken upon the sanctified ground;
the might of the holy one triumphed over Faldrefal.
Few had survived the horrors of midnight,
we saw that Suflet Lumin still stood within our grasp,
but we honored the oaths sworn to Dalmied's Light.
Now would Shutamel ever escape the blindness he suffered;
the Light of the God was all that remained to him.

When the slain had been buried with funeral honors,
Suflet Lumin was our destination, that we might partake
of holy and hidden wisdom of the Lord of Light.
We became Devout in the service of he who was slain
ever seeking the perceive the sacred unfailing Light
and through service, heal the bitter wounds we had struck
in our days of avarice and infamous wrongdoing.

The tombs of those who fell that day we blessed and sealed
as the Lord of Light had taught;such graves had he carved
with mortal hands, in the hills of the City of Lost Shadows,
when he fought alongside the heroes of that age,
whose names come to us now only as echoes of legend,
The Champion of the Lance, captain of the crusade;
the Burning Prince, who intercedes with all the Gods of Light
for the pagans of the desert tribes, may wisdom grace them;
the Sinestrolithinos, who suffered dishonors for truth's sake;
and more, a hundred hundreds more, each tale a saga of greatness.

Lord of Light, make us ever mindful of the lives
and passion of the honored dead;
we the living are their legacy, be we blessed
or cursed to follow in their footsteps,
If the father live in dishonor, the son shall never escape it,
even until seven generations,
not by strength of arms, spirit of charity, or repetition of denial;
we must therefore remember that our every deed
may be a blessing or a curse to those who come after us,
and seek to
understand those who came before.
The wicked and the false deserve the sleep of ages
as surely as the righteous;
for truly, when they stand before the Lord of Light,
they shall receive their reward.
Dishonor and defilement of the dead
aids only Faldrefal and those like him;
yet those who are buried on consecrated ground, with all due honors,
share secrets and boons of power with the living, as we have seen.

Let the truth of the Lord of Light and all Gods be spread throughout the world,
that the Great Shade shall not return, nor the perfidy of men deliver the world until him.
By the comission of the Lord of Light, we may consecrate the Earth by his grace,
for Light is not the only gift that blessed Dalmied gives us, but Earth likewise.
To protect and to nourish us; the mountain that shields the unfailing light of his heart.

We honored our oaths to the Light's Mourning,
and so doing attained that which treachery granted not.
all stand equal and humbled below the Lord of Light,
and we, in his service, were named for exaltation,
sealing eternal brotherhood between the two cities in regnal union,
though we know too well how little we deserved that honor;
therefore I pray that these words will begin to justify
all that was upon us bestowed;may I never again be false to the God.

Even in the years of our exaltation within Suflet Lumin,
we found no rest;
Faldrefal and his dark hordes hounded us,
and the Zehre grew once more to strength.
The lore of the Zehre is scant now, for much
have we lost to time and fate,
but it is written that they were born twisted,
a curse to their mothers,
the judgement of the Lord of Light
against those who lay with the false ones,
whose brows are marked with the spider's mark,
whose flesh is marked as a sign of their treachery,
their gentle speech has deceived many ,
even as Faldrefal deceived us.

Then came Tibrimen,
who had followed after the Lance all the days of the War;
for ten years he dwelt with us,
The gift of eternity had come upon Tibrimen.
Though my beloved saw it not,
age had descended on my and brought with it a weariness,
and greatly I longed for the sleep of the ages and a crypt's solace,
but Tibrimen had stood with the Lord of Light
when they fought the Great Shade,
and Tibrimen's return heartened us a little;;
his wisdom was welcome.
He told us that the Champion of the Lance
had departed this world, but only for a time,
and would soon return,
bearing the all-consuming Light, to banish all Shadow
and once again rout Faldrefal, the false knight;
even a king a treacheries.

This was the voice of prophecy; this was a promise to our heirs.
The horrors wrought by the Tendril of Ruination
would not endure forever.

Tibrimen taught that the world was little more
than a prison of darkness.
The Lord of Light shall redeem and purge the ills of the earth,
for He holds the power to consecrate,
even as he commits us to that cause,
and granted us the bounty of this earth,
our sustenance and inheritance.

On the road to Star's Mercy, we met two travelers,
a father and his grown daughter;
bitterly they quarreled over the way through the forest.
for at the crossroads on may either journey northward to the foothills,
or press through the forest itself,
which is known for its ungentle shadows.
Lucian, the father, favored the northerly road, safer and longer.
his daughter, Nysa, urged defiance of all dangers
and haste on the path.
Upon seeing us, they called on us to settle their dispute impartially,
as any peasant looks to his lord for wisdom, and those lords look to
the Lord of Light.
Shutemel spoke first, for none are more impartial than the blind;
"Obligations of respect and devotion bind us to our forbearers,
even when long years have passed and no more are we beholden;
forever we must honor the wisdom and love of those who came before."

Sage though his words were, I considered otherwise;
wisdom is a tapestry of many threads,
"The old know the sorrows of the world,
and seek to shelter those in their charge;
yet a time comes that the young must take up
the burdens of their forebearers;
courage belongs not only to the older generation or the younger,
but to all."
Our guardsmen were the the strength they needed to travels safely in the wood,
and our torches their light. In Dalmied's name
we struggle against evils,
fair and foul, known and unknown, mystical and common;

when faced with a greater darkness than we can fight,
pride may blind up to those who would be our allies,
as every realm was blinded during the Great War,
until it was too late;
only after they had suffered the worst of evils
did they call to their allies.

The lawless ones fled before us,
beyond the border of the farthest town;
thus we honored the God and our coronation oaths,
bringing light to the land;
never again would Nysa need to fear the forest road,
nor would Lucian fear for the safety of the one dearest to him.
By caring for the living, Dalmied's Light
entered the lives of those we had aided;
the soldiers we lost in driving out the lawless ones
we buried with high honors,
for they died in defense of the crown,
the kingdom, and the innocent,
and none can ask more of a warrior than this.

We commend our souls, in living and dying, to the keeping of
the One Who Shall Return.
As he stands watch over their souls,
so shall we guard flesh and bone;
yet we do not stand along with drawn sword and coat of mail;
the hallowed dead bolster our battle-host with mystic strength and
blessing of weaponry
and our ancestors murmur the wisdom of ages to all who serve
the Lord of Light.

As we fight to defend that Light
which shines eternally within the earth,
ours is not the only struggle, nor are we alone in suffering.
The one who bears the light of Dalmied
and speaks the truth is blameless,
but blameless also may be the one who turns the Shadow
against the foe.

Not by Light alone did Dalmied defeat the Great Shade,
not through main force,
the horn that called our Lord to battle sounded
for all the peoples of the world,
those who praised the Speaker of the Thousand Suns and Flame,
the people of the Wolf and Bear and Dragon,
who dwell on the ice or beyond the seas,
and a hundred other kinds as well; their captains turned none aside.

This lesson we must learn well;
the one who would turn the consuming darkness
to a weapon that strikes the enemy,
to a veil that grants safe passage,
to a shield that guards us in our sleep,
that one we welcome before our throne,
that one too may serve the one who is crowned in Heaven,
the kingdom that the Gods of Light built for us,
and the innocent - and none can ask more of a warrior than this.