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Akaen is named as the Page of Claws in the Tarot of Dust
The suit of Claws is associated with soldiers, war, and action.
Oracularly it relates to change, brief or intense action, challenges.
Ritually it is aligned with the Realm of Storm.
Alchemically it is aligned with the Form of Flesh.
It is associated with the sense of touch and the power of will.

The deeper meaning of the card is said to be:
Page: Akaen-- The Page is an honorable enemy. The faith that a given contest is fair; honor amongst thieves. The loyalty and respect one has for a noble adversary. Surrounding cards should indicate whether this is mutual or not.

The grave marker of the returned Ronin Don Mazhan reads "Akaen's Bane"

My research into my past as revealed a good deal about Akaen.

This is an Ancient fragment of a poem that I, Ronin don Mazhan, have recalled. This is now the full poem.

Twilight at last, and the evening burnishes to gold.
The armor grey like tired ghosts howling at the cliff face.
I walk on and on - welcoming my ghosts and asking for their strength,
Until they are one with my blade.
Akaen, my waiting foe, wielding the falcon

Drowsy moon yawns, and twilight stretches into night.
Mist gathers on the long grass, and the falcon seeks its prey.
Talons pierce my cheek, no sound escapes into the stillness.
Final sleep awaits in the dark.
A gentle breeze hum lullabies promising eternity

Poised wings spread, seeking to take flight once more.
The falcon dives once more, but finds a temple roof not built.
Talons are turned aside, a mournful cry pierces the night.
Blades becoming unseen death. Falcon hides my movements behind its flight

Hummingbird darts in front of unsuspecting prey.
The hunter's trap is sprung without knowledge of the foe.
Silence screaming in a cacophony of mournful sorrow
The ink blots upon the ground
Never again to fill pages with tales

I have also learned that Akaen was once a member of the Blades of Mazhan and wielded a great Blade called the Falcon.
-- Ronin don Mazhan

"This description of an army of ghosts at the service of and joining with the wielder of a blade reminds of the Codex entry on the linga'hiduis called Deadmoon." --Khavar