The Agiae (Agios/Agias), blessed they before the Throne, may be described as men and women whose example of faith and works for the Redwood Throne are held as an example and inspiration to the faithful. The study of their lives reveals not only the complexities of theological thought within the faith, but also insights into lore and history, as their lives touched on many times and matters of import. (The stories are also frequently entertaining.)

A very brief summary on some of the best-known Agiae follows. Those wishing to know more are invited to seek out the Marath Suvla Alsmhouse.

-Ilyana of the Almshouse

See Also: Vitae Agiae - a hand illuminated history of the minor Agiae.

Major Agiae

Milena Agia

First to receive the Revelation of the Throne

Leodegar Agio

Second to receive the revalation
Husband of Milena

Reinmund Agio

Patron Agio of Battle.
Emperoro Reinmund von Trayal I, leader of the Rebellion against Tarsikkan rule, the first Emperor and founder of the Principalities, who was canonized after his death.
His feast falls at the beginning of Spring.

Jules Agio (Exeter I)

The Patron of all Kings and Emperors,
The patriarch who bestowed the crown upon Reinmund Agio.

Viros Agio

Viros Tchannek - a companion of Milena and Leodegar
"Redeemed by the Revelation of the Throne", venerated especially by the Left Hand.

Minor Agiae

Avecynne Agia

Patron of teaching, and the peasantry.
b. 577 RE
Founder of the monastic order of Durenites. (Mendicants of Duren)
Avecynne was well known for her miracles of healing, particularly amongst the peasantry.

Monica Agia

b. 91 RE
Author of text on sin and virtue.
Associated with many dialogues, some of which were certainly written after her death and use her as an imaginary sounding board.
Ties to the monastic order of the Red Heralds (Bannermen of the Throne)

Laban Agia

Patron of hospitality. also important to ritualists
b. 407 RE
Known to have Ecstatic visions
Once miraculously cured of poison
She had a student who was described as "Daughter of Amethyst" (Mentioned in the text of the Rite of Wisdom.)

Victor of Malden

Patron of knowledge, particularly ritualism
died 1111 RE
Athral Friar who founded a college (Victor Agio's Hall) in 1104.
Had a vision of the fall of the Couraine Kings

Sylvan Agio

Patron of Gaunt, first Bishop of Gaunt
b. 237 RE, d 310 RE (approx)
aka Sylvan Talil, Svigandr of Gaunt
Enslaved by the Gaunt, later freed by Bannermen and preached to the Gaunt in the style of skalds
One of the Agios venerated by the Bannermen.
Founded a monastery at Ehernsgard in 309 RE, to connect the Gauntish faithful to the mother church
An abbey in his name stood in Ehrensgard until closed as a result of the controversy over the Ehrensgard heresy.

Maergin Agio

d. 267 RE
Solider who had a vision of the Throne
Went on to defeat the Alabaster Libram at Markalon (ater renamed Maergin’s Hold)
The Left Hand calls themselves "The Disciples of Maergin,"

Others (and lesser Agiae)

Benedicta of Ehrensgard

Considered an Agia by the Ehrensgard heretics

Adele Agia

Beguine Adele Panne of Gaunt ("Beguine" = female friar)
The most recently canonized Agia, after the Miracle of Ergsund Pyre
Revered largely by the Gauntish, she is known as the parton of Lost Causes.

Hieronomo Agio (or Heronimo?)

Hieron Emio - 53 years before Milena Agia's revelation in Marath Suvla.
Previously believed by most to be folkloric, but for the recent discovery of a portion of his Journal in Marath Suvla.
Important to the people of the Seastone Deeps, being famous for his prophesies
Monica Agia wrote that she was inspired by his book (which is currently lost)


- Figures of Gauntish lore and history, named Agios to help convert the Gauntish people.
- Misc. lesser-known and locally popular Agiae.

Pre-Revelation Agiae

There are about eleven (canon) Agios/Agias who predate the Great Revelation:
Of these, 4 are listed as specifically Left Hand of the Throne; 7 as direct Throne.

Rosaria Agia

Patron of the Order of Reclamation and recognized by the Left Hand
Lived in the time of the Great War of Shadow.
(Fairly obscure outside her order)
A warrior against the Most Foul from the First Age, going back to the great war in Tharicia.