Aerenique (also known as the Ruby-Hearted or being of the Ruby Lands) was said to be the rightful Queen of Druma (although that story is currently lost).

She was one of Egel and Arik Lowinjar's travelling companions. In the Tale of the Winter Challice they accomplished great deeds to win her the Winter Chalice to save her people (presumably refers to Ophira or to the Wasteland there?).

Later in her life she wed Egel the Green and they had a daughter, although her fate is unknown. Egel is aware that his line has continued to this age but is unsure of where they are.

Egel remembers her being bent over the Life Forge in Tontura by his brother Jarl (the totem who rules the Frozen Citadel) and it is presumed her life blood was shed to form a weapon, perhaps the glowing mace Jarl was wielding during the Forging of the New Moon Needle in 06-1213.

-All above information from Dane Calov from Egel's personal memories and the Tales of the Rook Murin