"The archives of the world-that-was are lost to us, and the great libraries of this age are distant. But if people can be reborn, then libraries can also. Darkness is coming, and the more light is shed upon it the better.

So. This place is for the sharing of what we learn. Bring what you know. If you can add something, please do so! If you have documents to share, I will make a copy for the archive if you do not have the time to copy it yourself.

It was the mandate of the Hakuk Kaydirma that Royal Libraries of Ophira be open to all who sought their knowledge. In that spirit, I place no limit upon who may read these documents. Bear that in mind as you decide what to share, but also...know that in the Great War, secrecy served the Enemy better than it did us. Let light shine as far as you are able, and keep in shadow only what you are certain must be.

I will endeavor to keep things organized. I otherwise ask only these things of you:
  • Be courteous, and respect each others' words.
  • When what you have written is an eye-witness account or personal observation rather than fact or general knowledge, make that clear and include your name.
  • Do not alter eye-witness accounts directly, even if you believe them mistaken. Do add commentary or alternate accounts if you have them. Knowing how things are perceived can be as useful as knowing the truth of them.
  • In the ancient tradition of scribes everywhere...scrawl in the margins as you will."